HDI Global Insurance Company is committed to ensuring that your personal data and privacy is properly protected. This Policy explains how we use the data collected about you through our website and our procedures to safeguard your privacy, including how to contact us to amend or delete that data.

There are links on our website to HDI group companies and third parties. Please refer to the separate Privacy Policies on those websites, which may be different from our own.

You can visit the HDI Global Insurance Company website without providing any personal data.

When you complete a contact form or request information from us, we will need to obtain personally identifiable data about you. Such data may include your name, company name and address, fax and telephone numbers, etc. This data will only be collected if and when you volunteer it. The data which you give us will be used to process your inquiry or request. It may also be used if required to fulfil any necessary legal and/or regulatory compliance requirements. We may combine data that you provide us with data from other sources, for example to update mailing lists, etc.

When you visit this website, we may collect usage data to help us understand how our website is navigated and used. This data does not include any personal data about you and is used to measure and improve the effectiveness of our website, for research and to improve understanding of our clients’ needs.

We do not share, sell, or otherwise part with our contact lists to third parties for gain. We may though, from time to time, use third parties for marketing and research purposes. If personally identifiable data is provided to any such third party, we will require that such data be maintained by them in strict confidence.

If you have any questions regarding our processing of your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact our Compliance Officer.

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We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Statement from time to time and will display only the latest version on this page.