Sustainability in our own homes, in our communities, in our ecosystems, and around the world is necessary to ensure that the earth’s natural resources will be available to present and future generations. This need has created an opportunity for renewable energy companies to find new and more efficient ways to produce the energy required, but with new and smarter solutions comes the demand for even smarter insurance products and risk management services.

At HDI, we understand that identifying and managing risks is critical. As a global technical insurer with a tradition spanning more than a century, we pride ourselves on offering tailored insurance solutions that meet our clients’ evolving needs. Through our international network of local insurers in more than 150 countries, broad product array, customer-focused underwriting and supplier service, we can cover every aspect of a renewable energy project, from ideation and development to operational risks.


Scope of services at a glance

Globally, we support project owners, developers, manufacturers and contractors throughout the life-cycle of their renewable energy projects, including:

Construction phase

  • Erection All Risks Insurance
  • Loss of Profit Insurance
  • Coverage for natural hazards, such as earthquakes, floods, windstorms, etc.

Operational phase

  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance
  • Loss of Profit Insurance
  • Coverage for natural hazards, such as earthquakes, floods, windstorms, etc.

Cover for all phases of a project can include physical damages sustained from natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, flooding, typhoons, etc. Loss of profit resulting from such perils can also be covered.

Target client:

  • Biodiesel producers
  • Biomass facilities
  • Fuel cell operators
  • Hydroelectric facilities, including dams
  • Manufacturers of solar panels, wind turbines and wind turbine components
  • Onshore wind farms
  • Methane extraction facilities
  • Photovoltaic and thermal operations


High level of capacity

We can lead renewable energy projects of well over $1B in value with a significant line size.

Insurance cover worldwide

The performance of local contractors is covered. Companies with worldwide operations can be covered through an international insurance programme.

Underwriting expertise

Our underwriting expertise is among our greatest competitive advantages. Our team of specialists is made up of long-standing members of the renewable energy sector who are backed by high levels of decision-making authority.

Risk Consulting

HDI Risk Consulting provides a cross-industry risk engineering service to help clients identify, quantify and where necessary take risk-reduction and risk-avoidance measures. Risk engineers assess technical risks, which can result from the condition and operation of machinery, plant and equipment. Construction project advice and support is provided in line with the relevant safety and security related requirements through local inspections and central coordination.


Claims Management

We understand that the claims process is the proof of the product purchased by the client and each claim is approached with the aim to reach a fair and timely resolution. Due to the Specialty type of risks and exposures that are underwritten, HDI has staffed its claim department with individuals who possess a high degree of technical expertise and claim handling skills. Through our collaborative and consultative approach, we operate with sensitivity to our client’s business circumstances. Clearly stated pre-loss protocols and claims procedures are agreed upon up front. We seek to minimize the impact of a loss, preserve our client’s reputation and mange claims to a fair settlement.