Our team of specialists is made up of long-standing members of the rail community that have extensive knowledge in managing railroad insurance-related risks. Combining proactive risk management with strong industry relationships and a global network, our team is empowered by high levels of decision-making authority. Our customers benefit from customized solutions and services that are designed to their business and aligned to their goals.

Scope of services at a glance

“Our parent company, The Talanx Group provides insurance solutions for every Class I Railroad across the United States, Canada and Mexico" (based on 2018 policy issuance)

Our Appetite:

  • Freight railways (Class I, II & III)
  • Passenger railways
  • Rolling stock
  • Switching and terminal railways
  • Urban mass transportation systems


Our Offering:

We have the capabilities of issuing local policies across North America, including Canada and Mexico and can provide:

  • Enhanced policy cover and wordings
  • Fast settlement through our streamlined claims process
  • Substantial capacity and competitive premiums 


In addition, we also offer a broad scope of additional covers, which range from:

  • Business interruption
  • Terrorism
  • New-for-old or agreed-value cover on rolling stock 
  • Risk engineering support 


Customer-focused technical support

Engineers with many years of professional experience in industry work for HDI as underwriters and provide support to clients on the full range of technical issues.

High level of capacity

HDI has sufficient cover capacity at its disposal to provide insurance for major projects.

Insurance cover worldwide

The performance of local contractors is covered. Companies with worldwide operations can be covered through an international insurance programme.

Access to professional claims management service

HDI provides claims management services based on experience, ranging from restriction and rectification of damage to reliable claims settlement.

Risk Consulting

Skilled risk advice and support
HDI Risk Consulting provides a cross-industry risk engineering service to help clients identify, quantify and where necessary take risk-reduction and risk-avoidance actions. Risk engineers assess technical risks, which can result from the condition and operation of machinery, plant and equipment. Construction project advice and support is provided in line with the relevant safety and security related requirements through local inspections and central co-ordination.

Claims Management

At HDI, we understand that the claims process is the proof of the product purchased by the client and each claim is approached with the aim to reach a fair and timely resolution. Clearly stated pre-loss protocols and claims procedures are agreed upon up-front. In managing claims to a fair settlement, we seek to minimize the impact of a loss and work diligently to preserve our clients’ reputations.