Global insurance against transport damage caused when goods are shipped using all modes of transport

Cross-unit co-operation between underwriting, Risk Consulting and claims management enables us to provide optimum client care. To insure against transport damage to consignments shipped both at home and abroad, HDI provides ‘all risks’ cover through its marine cargo insurance solution. A decentralised and professionally organised claims management system enables claims to be processed and settled quickly. Risk engineers from HDI Risk Consulting provide support to companies on a wide range of issues, starting with the use of Incoterms® through to implementation of loss prevention measures.

Scope of services at a glance

Marine cargo insurance

Insurance cover includes insurance against damage to goods in transit. At a global level HDI partners on claims services with international law firms.

  • Where sea freight is involved, all general average disbursements are reimbursed. In practice these costs can amount to 50% or more of the value of the goods. HDI has an international network of sea-damage experts at its disposal to assist in such cases.
  • Companies that require regular insurance cover for their shipments can arrange ongoing insurance cover in the form of a general marine policy. Under this policy terms and premiums do not need to be agreed for each new shipment.
  • In the event of a claim, HDI pursues possible claims for compensation against third parties and makes every effort to safeguard the capital resources of clients.

This insurance solution covers the financial consequences of business interruption, such as manufacturing downtime, caused by transport damage. These include ongoing liabilities represented by overheads, such as employee salaries or bank loan interest. Also covered is lost profit from reduced sales revenues, if the insured goods can’t be used at all or can only be partially used as a result of transport damage. This insurance solution plays an important role in helping to maintain business operations and plays a valuable role in safeguarding investments.


Global peace of mind, whatever mode of transport is used

International insurance programmes also cover shipments by foreign subsidiaries and production units.

Worldwide monitoring of shipments

Global Risk Consulting enables shipments to be monitored live and thus has a direct influence on the local risk situation.

Risk Consulting strategies to minimise claims

Risk engineers from HDI Risk Consulting develop a Risk Consulting strategy jointly with clients designed to ensure safe execution of shipments.

Complying with deadlines, safeguarding liquidity

By acting quickly and professionally and paying out instalments rapidly in the event of a claim, HDI ensures that a client can meet their existing delivery obligations and that their client’s operational liquidity is safeguarded.

Nearly 70 percent of global transport damage is avoidable

Damage in the amount of around 4 billion Euros occurs during overland, air and sea transportation of goods every year. Nearly 70% of this damage is avoidable.

Claims management

Regular information about risk situations

Clients receive professional client care 24/7 worldwide in the event of a claim. With our decentralised claims handling system, teams of experts are rapidly on site to ensure evidence is secured and recourse is taken promptly and to initiate any necessary damage limitation action. Experts are engaged at home and abroad as required and the services of lawyers are procured. Policyholders are provided with regular information about changing risks in target countries, for example in relation to climatic or social circumstances. HDI provides assistance with the recycling or environmentally responsible disposal of damaged goods. Joint performance of claims analyses identifies causes and enables future damage and claims prevention action plans to be developed and implemented.

Risk Consulting

Support provided by experts with practical experience

Risk Consulting services are provided worldwide as standard. Around 180 engineers, including navigating officers, captains and scientists contribute their many years of experience with the objective of continuously improving damage and claims prevention. This applies, for example, to packaging and loading requirements, which differ according to the type of goods and mode of transport. These and other safety-related issues are regularly communicated at training sessions. Where required, clients can obtain assistance with the organisation of shipping routes, in particular with the choice of appropriate modes of transport. For this purpose risk engineers from HDI Risk Consulting employ risk mapping tools like our specially developed geo-information system, ARGOS, which facilitates an analysis of location-related risks for existing natural hazards.

Experts’ tip

Issuing insurance certificates online

Insurance certificates serve as proof that shipments have been insured. HDI provides its clients with an online tool that enables them to issue these certificates easily. Click here for further information.