With Cyber+ Smart, our end-to-end risk management solution, you have access to tools and resources from our global underwriting and risk management teams. We offer coverage on a combined single limit basis without sub-limits to address both first- and third-party risks, including business income loss, cyber theft and media liability.

Scope of services at a glance

Program Overview:

  • Short form application (5 questions)
  • Rate indications within 24 hours
  • Maximum Capacity: Up to $10M worldwide
  • Strong capital base and security rating
  • Dedicated team of experienced cyber risk underwriters
  • Deep understanding of the insurance needs of global companies


Program Features:

Coverage on a combined single limit basis without sub-limits for:

  • Business income loss
  • Cyber theft
  • Data breach remediation costs
  • Data restoration costs
  • Media liability
  • Network security and privacy liability


Breach Response:

It’s not a question of if you will suffer a breach, but when. Our approach is to understand the ramifications of a breach and minimize the operational and financial impact, including legal costs and reputational damage. With a single point of contact, our breach response offering is designed to be as easy to use as possible in the midst of a cyber security event.


Integrated insurance solution

Cyber+ Smart provides companies with access to an integrated insurance solution. It combines insurance against first- and third-party damage, incorporates key insurance extensions and provides crisis and risk management assistance.

Focus on business interruption risks of manufacturers

This coverage solution was designed with industrial manufacturing businesses in mind. Manufacturers can insure against business interruption risks that may result from cyber attacks.

Industrial cyber security facts every manufacturing company should know

  • 54% of industrial organizations have had more than one cyber incident in the last twelve months
  • 81% use wireless connections for their industrial networks
  • 55% admit that external parties such as partners or service providers can access their industrial control network
  • $497K: The average annual price of ineffective security solutions

Source: Business Advantage: The State of Industrial Cybersecurity 2017 – Global Report

Experts’ tip

Offering a level of protection companies can rely on

By analyzing multiple lines of business, we offer a coordinated solution that helps to prevent overlaps and coverage gaps. Our tailored solution provides a level of protection companies can count on to pursue the technological advances necessary to compete during this fourth industrial revolution.

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