Please observe the following measures to ensure safety during the hopefully short shutdown period:

  • Switch off all electrical and technical equipment and continue to carry out the necessary checks regularly.
  • Keep your fire, explosion and burglary/theft protection systems in proper condition.
  • An additional guard or security service could be wise for theft-endangered goods.
  • Closed areas should be inspected regularly.


If you can use the shutdown phase for important maintenance or repair work, then the otherwise applicable organisational safety measures should also be strictly adhered to such as the application of the hot work permit form.

Ideally, during the shutdown period, you should already be planning the safe reactivation of your equipment as soon as production can start up again.

The risk engineers of HDI Risk Consulting are here to support you and provide valuable information for the controlled and safe shutdown and reactivation of your operations.

Important information and checklists for Business Shutdowns

We gladly provide you with useful information and checklists for business shutdown here.

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