Professional claims management service provided by HDI Global

We recognise that the respect and trust of the client has to be earned on every claim. When a claim is presented, all our efforts and skills go into reaching a fair resolution, recognising our responsibilities to protect the client’s interests and their reputation.

We work closely and collaboratively with underwriters, appointed loss adjusters and risk engineers. Strong and regular communication across all functions enables the claims team to gain a detailed understanding of the client’s business, making the claims handling process informed and efficient.

Scope of services at a glance

Claims management

Clients benefit from HDI claims experts’ wide range of experience in specific insurance categories.

  • Claims adjusters are key contact persons and they deal locally with appropriate teams of experts.
  • Following a damage event, companies can rely on prompt payment of compensation in settlement of their claims.
  • Acknowledged experts in providing advice on and managing liability claims lawsuits, settlement discussions and mediation processes.
  • Clients can access valuable information to manage their risks and to ensure their quality management systems work.
  • HDI has one of the largest claims departments in the industrial insurance segment.
  • Companies benefit from our claims handlers’ high level of expertise and decision-making authority.
  • Professional, single-source handling of recourse cases.
  • Close working relationship with HDI risk engineers, who in the event of a claim, highlight future risk minimisation measures.


Global, close-to-client claims handling

We are always approachable and available to our clients and their advisors. Access to decision makers is backed by swift and clear decision making. Regular and direct communication ensures the client is kept informed on the progress of the claim.

Rapid and sensitive claims settlement

We are flexible in our approach and, once policy liability is established, we work with the client to minimise disruption to their business.

Working with external experts

We appoint the most experienced and best qualified experts to ensure thorough investigation and effective resolution of the claim.

Experts’ tip

Bespoke pre-loss protocols

Pre-loss protocols and claims procedures with clarity on roles and responsibilities are crucial early steps in notification and investigation of claims.