Industrial liability: insurance against claims for damages

With leading market capacity and a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, we can provide bespoke insurance solutions for our clients.

With our strong financial ratings, our clients can be assured that their Liability risks will receive the full security of our paper for the period of any long-tailed exposures.

Scope of services at a glance

Public liability and product liability insurance

Our main products are Employers’ Liability, Public Liability, Products Liability, which we can write at primary and excess of loss layers. Public Liability and Products Liability covers can be extended to include Environmental Risks, Financial Loss, Product Recall, Professional Indemnity, Extended Products Liability.

Our products evolve to reflect changing legal requirements across the world.



Professional, real-world know-how

HDI has acknowledged expertise in providing guidance for and managing liability claims, settlement discussions and mediation processes.

Globally consistent liability cover and compliance

International insurance programmes that factor in the specifics and requirements of individual countries provide global insurance cover for a company’s worldwide business activities.

Claims management

Expert assistance in the event of major claims

Our highly experienced claims team works closely with our underwriters to provide a fast and efficient claims handling service. Our philosophy is to be always approachable and available to our clients and their advisors. We use our industry and client specific knowledge to inform every step in claims handling. We adopt a collaborative and constructive approach, operating with sensitivity to the client’s business circumstances.  

Our overall goal is to achieve a fair resolution of the claim, minimising the impact of a loss on the client’s business and preserving the client’s business reputation.

Liability risk management

The mix of various instruments

Risk tools

Sector-specific tools and expert systems enable systematic risk analysis to be performed. Continuous market observation, wide-ranging claims experience and sector expertise all lay the foundations for the appropriate risk-assessment standards to which we work.

Network of experts

In particularly complex risk situations we decide how best to use our in-house and external experts. Hands-on specialists from all major scientific and research disciplines examine the client’s specific risks.