Engineering & Construction – cover for machinery, plant and equipment, installation and construction projects

Our focus in developing the Engineering and Construction book is on:

  • Annual covers for major UK and international contractors
  • PFI projects
  • Civil and infrastructure projects
  • Power, petrochemical and onshore oil and gas projects.

Scope of services at a glance

Engineering & Construction

We offer coverage for major UK and international contractors. Our comprehensive range of products includes:

  • Construction All Risks (CAR) - for building and civil engineering projects
  • Erection All Risks (EAR) - for refineries, power stations, mining infrastructure, gas processing plants etc
  • Business Interruption and Contractors' Plant All Risks
  • Public Liability – primary and excess layers.

Machinery insurance

HDI machinery insurance provides cover if ready-to-use machinery or technical plant and equipment has to be repaired or replaced as a result of damage. Mobile and transportable machinery and construction equipment of all types can be insured against unexpected damage. Risk-dependent costs, such as clean-up, disposal and salvage costs can also be covered if required.

Machinery business interruption insurance

Damage-related machinery outages can bring manufacturing operations to a halt. During periods of business interruption companies suffer financial losses, which can be insured against by adding an extra insurance component. HDI machinery/business interruption insurance particularly covers lost profits, standing charges and additional costs resulting from the accelerated restoration of operational readiness.

Construction All Risks

Reimburses to an agreed extent the costs required to clean up the site and restore it to the pre-loss condition. The policyholder can also insure against damage caused by fire, lightning or explosion and losses caused by theft of project-dedicated components and materials.



Customer-focused technical support

Engineers with many years of professional experience in industry work for HDI as underwriters and provide support to clients on the full range of technical issues.

High level of capacity

Our aim is to underwrite and lead large and complex engineering projects. With our large PML capacity, we rank among the largest engineering lead capacity providers in the market.

Risk rating tools

We are one of only a handful of insurers who have a proprietary technical risk rating tool and an engineering risk assessment system that our underwriters are trained to use to assess each and every risk.

Access to professional claims management service

HDI provides claims management services based on experience, ranging from restriction and rectification of damage to reliable claims settlement.

Risk Consulting

Skilled risk advice and support

HDI Risk Consulting provides a cross-industry risk engineering service to help clients identify, quantify and where necessary take risk-reduction and risk-avoidance actions. Risk engineers assess technical risks, which can result from the condition and operation of machinery, plant and equipment. Construction project advice and support is provided in line with the relevant safety and security related requirements through local inspections and central co-ordination. 

Experts’ tip

Drafting emergency action plans

In the event of extreme weather conditions or an outbreak of fire, an emergency action plan facilitates taking prompt and effective damage-limitation action, thereby reducing the extent of damage or loss.