Cyber insurance – IT security with HDI Cyber Insurance

The forms of attack are diverse. Webservers are hacked into in order to spy on databases. Computers are infiltrated, whilst users are online, with the objective of gaining control over them. Manufacturing plant control software programmes are attacked in order to sabotage production. These examples demonstrate that protecting computer systems against viruses and trojans using security software alone is no longer sufficient; and to make IT security work requires a comprehensive protection strategy. HDI Cyber+ Insurance provides companies with an integrated insurance solution.

Scope of services at a glance


HDI Cyber+ Insurance includes insurance against first-party losses, for example manufacturing interruptions. Third-party losses are also covered, for example damage for which a customer or business partner holds the company responsible and submits a claim.

  • Insurance cover includes financial losses or costs caused by, for example, damage to, theft or unauthorised disclosure of data, as well as data recovery.
  • Insurance cover can be augmented by adding the following modules: Media Liability, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Assessment, or cyber terrorism.
  • In the event of a crisis the policyholder is also provided with a centralised breach response management team which incorporates services including crisis management, forensic investigation, credit monitoring and public relations assistance on a global basis if required.


Integrated insurance solution

HDI Cyber+ Insurance provides companies with access to an integrated insurance solution. It combines insurance against first party and third party losses, incorporates key insurance cover add-ons and provides crisis and risk management assistance.

Centralised Breach Response

HDI’s approach has been to understand the ramifications of a breach and how to minimise the operational and financial impacts as well as potential severe reputational damage. The breach response offering has been designed to be as easy to use for clients in the midst of a breach event as is possible, and insureds will have a single point of contact who will co-ordinate the response team.

Focus on manufacturers’ lost output risks

This insurance solution was designed in particular with industrial manufacturing businesses in mind. Companies can insure against the risks of lost manufacturing output resulting from cyber-attacks.

Active risk dialogue

HDI’s risk specialists proactively provide support to policyholders to enable them to analyse their IT security from a risk perspective for the purposes of implementing loss prevention actions.

Risk engineering

Preparing for a possible emergency situation

HDI’s risk specialists identify possible cyber risks facing clients, based on self-disclosure of information. Analysis results are incorporated into IT security appraisals. At the same time this information helps companies to implement technical and organisational measures that enable them to prepare for possible emergency situations to the best possible degree.

Experts’ tip

Jointly ascertaining how effective IT security measures are

By analysing risks, we ascertain how effective a company’s IT and information security systems are, once technical and organisational measures have been implemented. Why not talk to our experts.