HDI Global: innovative insurance solutions from a single source

HDI operates through foreign branches, subsidiaries and affiliates as well as network partners in more than 150 countries, offering international industrial insurance programmes.

One brand, many products

HDI Global SE offers a complete range of products to insure against business risks. Worldwide cover in the form of international insurance programmes, full insurance cover for personnel assignments abroad or innovative insurance against cyber risks “Cyber+” are additional examples of our superior level of performance.


The path of becoming a global player

The company with its headquarters in Germany generates more than half of its premium volumes abroad. Europe is its core market where HDI is represented in 16 countries. In line with this international focus, the former HDI-Gerling Industrie Versicherung AG changed its name to HDI Global SE in 2016.

At the same time as the change of company name, the legal form was also updated. An SE, i.e. a European joint-stock company, is forward-looking and appropriately modern for insurance companies of this size.

Branches, subsidiaries and affiliates have also been renamed to ensure a uniform corporate image. The company with its more than 3,000 employees now operates worldwide under the HDI brand.

You can find the global locations of HDI Global SE here.

Risk management is handled by HDI Risk Consulting GmbH on a cross-sectoral basis. Engineers and specialists from a range of different disciplines provide companies with loss-prevention support and help them to establish operational risk management systems. HDI Risk Consulting GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of HDI Global SE.

Facts and figures

About HDI Global SE – UK

About HDI Global SE - UK

Annual report

Detailed annual reports for the Talanx Group, Talanx AG and its subsidiaries can be found at the Talanx website.

Solvency and Financial Condition Report

 The Solvency and Financial Condition Report for HDI Global SE can be found here:


Ratings are used to assess company success and risk factors on a neutral, forward-looking and extensive basis. HDI Global SE has been rated positively by recognised rating agencies, “Standard & Poor’s” and “A.M. Best”.

  • Standard & Poor´s (S&P): A+ (Outlook Stable) – as of: 28 August 2019
  • A.M. Best: A (Outlook Stable) – as of: 18 September 2019

To the financial strength ratings of the Talanx Primary Insurance Group


Our four key strenghts

  • Experience
    Deep knowledge of the risks of industrial and commercial companies
  • Longevity
    We believe in fostering relationships with clients that are made to last
  • Decisiveness
    Experienced underwriter empowered to make decisions and commit capacity
  • Certainty
    Our No.1 priority is to ensure that our products perform as clients expect


100 years of continuity

Since its foundation in 1903, the HDI company has developed from a pure liability insurer for German industry into an international insurance group.

1903 Dissatisfaction about the dramatic difference between premium payments and benefits was the reason for establishing the “Haftpflichtverband der deutschen Eisen- und Stahlindustrie". Six employers' accident insurance associations and 176 companies in the iron and steel industry decided to create the industry’s own mutual insurance association.

1924 The Eisen- und Stahl Aktiengesellschaft, which was established in cooperation with the Gerling Group in 1923, handled reinsurance on behalf of HDI. This association was originally conceived as a closely associated non-life insurer, but was transformed step-by-step into a pure reinsurance company.

1952 After the end of the Second World War, the strong link to the employers' accident insurance associations was severed, in order to be able to appeal to larger customer groups. With new articles of association in 1952 and the subsequent restructuring, the liability association opened itself up towards companies from all industries.

1970 Through the merger with the Feuerschadenverband rheinisch-westfälischer Zechen, HDI became the largest German composite insurer. In 1976 it was renamed “Haftpflichtverband der Deutschen Industrie V.a.G“, abbreviated to the familiar HDI. In the years that followed the Group grew to include more than 20 companies in Germany and abroad.

1990 The Group’s risk-exposed lines of business and strong growth in reinsurance required the Group to be restructured to ensure more balanced risk distribution. To this end a balanced mix between industrial, private client and reinsurance business was introduced and sales focused on promising lines of business.

2003 The Talanx Group emerged from the HDI Group in 2003, championing greater internationalisation at the beginning of the decade. In 2005 the Gerling Group was integrated into the Group. In the private and corporate insurance segments, the HDI and HDI-Gerling brands were combined under the “new old brand” HDI in September 2012. In the same year Talanx AG successfully went public. The industrial insurance division has been managed by HDI Global SE since 2016.

Executive Board

The members of the HDI Global SE Executive Board


Dr. Edgar Puls, Chairman

born 28 March 1973

Chairman of HDI Global SE Executive Board, as well as Member of the Board of Talanx AG and HDI V.a.G., Hannover.

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Curriculum vitae (PDF, 54 KB)

Yves Betz

born 26 October 1971

Member of the HDI Global SE Executive Board, responsible for Europe, North and South America.

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Curriculum vitae (PDF, 45 KB)



Frank Harting

born 19 May 1964
Member of the HDI Global SE Executive Board, responsible for the Division Mid-Market Germany, the Division Corporates Germany and Marketing Global.

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Curriculum vitae (PDF, 59 KB)

David Hullin

born 19 October 1968

Member of the HDI Global SE Executive Board, responsible for Property and Fire Insurance, Engineering Insurance, Marine Insurance, Motor Insurance, HDI Risk Consulting (loss prevention and risk management).

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Curriculum vitae (PDF, 45 KB)



Clemens Jungsthöfel

born 18 September 1970
Member of the HDI Global SE Executive Board, responsible for the Finance and Controlling functions.

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Curriculum vitae (PDF, 58 KB)

Dr. Thomas Kuhnt

born 18 December 1974
Member of the HDI Global SE Executive Board, responsible for Projects and Operations, IT and Group Accident.

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Curriculum vitae (PDF, 114 KB)

Jens Wohlthat

born 22 September 1957
Member of the HDI Global SE Executive Board, responsible for Liability and Legal Protection Insurance, Cyber Insurance; Asia, Africa, Middle East, Russia; Specialty Business.

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Curriculum vitae (PDF, 59 KB)

HDI Global SE – UK

HDI has been operating in the UK market since 1950.

As a branch operation HDI Global SE - UK enjoys the benefits of:

  • Utilising the full underwriting capacity of the Group
  • Sharing the financial strength and financial ratings of the Group
  • The global reach and scale of the Group’s reinsurance treaties.

We are a recognised leader in our core lines of business - Property; Liability; Clinical Trials; Engineering & Construction; Motor Fleet - offering our products and services throughout the UK through focused distribution. Access to our global network capabilities enables us to support our clients as they grow internationally.

Our business priorities are to put the client in our sights - ensuring that our products perform as the client expects – and to deliver our client proposition in a co-ordinated way across the business.

Business Segments

Global and Major Risks
We have the expertise and capacity to handle highly complex risks for Global and Major Risks clients. We have built a reputation for handling technically challenging businesses through our focused approach to underwriting and risk management.

We provide centrally controlled global insurance solutions with consistent market-leading capacity to give our clients reliable long-term support in managing their risks. We work with our clients and broker partners to control insurance costs, seeking out efficiencies to maintain consistent policy terms wherever possible.

Corporate Risks
We have a distinctive approach to Corporate Risks clients founded on close partnerships with a selected group of brokers. For these broker partners we offer tailored products and marketing advantages backed with market-leading capacity delivered and serviced locally.

From our offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow, we provide brokers all the requisite advantages of swift, local decision-making. Our regional underwriters are empowered to make decisions locally, including for clients needing global insurance solutions.

International Risks
While HDI’s broad philosophy is that business is placed with the local HDI office, this segment recognises that London is a global insurance hub and refers to standalone non-UK risks that are placed in the London insurance market.

Non-UK based clients can access the skills and services on offer in our London office and our UK operations provide a fronting service into HDI’s global network. International Risks clients are treated as retail clients and serviced to the same values and standards as other clients in the portfolio.