Professional claims management service provided by HDI Global

We recognise that the respect and trust of the client has to be earned on every claim. When a claim is presented, all our efforts and skills go into reaching a fair resolution, recognizing our responsibilities to protect the client's interests and their reputation.

We work closely and collaboratively with our underwriters and risk engineers. If necessary we use external surveyors, experienced laywers and mediators to come to a prompt solution. Strong and regular communication across all functions enables the claims team to gain a detailed understanding of the client's business, making the claims handling process informed and effective.


Global, close-to-client claims handling

High-performance capability worldwide both locally and internationally in close proximity with clients.

Claims are settled rapidly

The decentralised organisational structure of our claims operations facilitates rapid and uncomplicated claims settlement.

Claims experience ensures broad-based know-how

We have industry-specific knowledge back by many years’ experience of handling industrial claims.

Seamless claims handling

Claims made outside the client’s home country are handled seamlessly and without any compatibility or co-ordination problems between master and local policies.

Affiliation with the register for Bodily Injury Claims

HDI is affiliated with the register for Bodily Injury Claims: and is working in accordance to their code of conduct (Gedragscode Behandeling Letselschade).