We are in an unusual situation. The health of all colleagues within HDI, our business partners and those of our fellow human beings is important to us. For this reason, HDI decided more than a week ago to close the offices until further notice. This does not mean that the continuity of our services to you as a customer or distribution partner will come to a standstill.

Our employees have been working from home since 13 March and are available just as you would expect from us. If you are unable to reach an employee, please send an e-mail with whom you would like to connect and your request to info@nl.hdi.global.

In addition, you can reach us on the following telephone number 010 - 4036100.

Do you have other questions about your insurances? Please contact your broker or consult the website of het verbond van verzekeraars.

Due to the special situation in which we find ourselves, it may take a little longer than you are used to before you receive a response. We ask for your understanding.

What measures can you take?

Are you an entrepreneur? Then we advise you - if you do not already have one - to draw up a business continuity plan with regard to the coronavirus. Based on this, you can take measures to limit the possible impact of the coronavirus on the continuity of your business. Think for example of practical measures such as making homeworking arrangements and forming pools of flexible workers. But also measures to guarantee the supply of stocks and (semi)manufactured goods.

In this context, we would like to draw your attention to the roadmap that MKB-Nederland and VNO-NCW have developed for companies with regard to the coronavirus. You can also make use of this roadmap. Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the KVK Coronaloket where entrepreneurs can ask questions about the impact of the coronavirus on their business. For example, about financing, personnel or regulations.

Is your company losing income because of the coronavirus? Then consult the KVK Coronaloket. Here entrepreneurs can ask questions about the impact of the coronavirus on their business. For example, about financing, personnel or schemes.

Naturally, we wish you every success in these difficult times.

Statement Dr Edgar Puls, CEO

We are here for you – especially in these difficult and turbulent times

HDI Global SE continues to stand by your side in these crisis-ridden times. You can count on us – with HDI Global SE you are in the best hands.

First things first: we are available for you by telephone and e-mail during normal office hours. We will take care of your concerns as swiftly as possible. You will receive the same high quality and strong performance that you are accustomed to. Together we will get through this difficult time.

We are all not only concerned about the health of our families, friends and colleagues but with the general economic development as well. In order to continue to be there for you with the same level of high quality, our priorities are currently to protect both your and our health, to reliably ensure our operational readiness, and to support the authorities in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. For this reason, we are minimising personal appointments and using telephone or video conferences wherever possible. This helps us ensure your health and financial security in the best possible way.

Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!
Dr Edgar Puls, CEO of HDI Global SE

Restart after business shutdown

Business shutdown and its effect on production are associated with increased risks for the industry as well as the service sector. It is important not only to ensure adequate safety measures are taken during the necessary shutdowns but also during the restoration of production and operations to avoid extensive damage.

The experts at HDI Risk Consulting provide support with valuable information and tailored safety instructions.

You can find further information in our factsheets below.

How to adapt your logistics

Logistics chains are being impaired by closed borders, travel restrictions, service providers being shut down, shortage of storage space in one part of the world or shortage of transport equipment in other parts of the world. HDI Risk Consulting provides a comprehensive summary of general and special measurements to meet the challenges of the Corona crisis, adapt your logistics chains and prevent losses.

You can find further information here:

Advice for transportation of medical protective equipment

The experts at HDI Risk Consulting provide support with valuable recommendations for safeguarding medical protective equipment during transport and storage.

You can find further information here:

Measures for shutdown of construction and erection sites

For various reasons, construction projects sometimes have to be interrupted unexpectedly. Potential causes include legal issues, natural disasters or, as in the current case, serious infectious diseases. The experts from HDI Risk Consulting’s Engineering/Construction team have compiled a checklist that supports to minimise the risks of construction and erection sites. The checklist also provides assistance with the implementation of measures to reduce water and fire exposure as well as to protect companies against unauthorised access to construction sites.

You can find the checklist here:

Measures for shutdown, standstill and restart of technical facilities

Interruptions and shutdowns of technical equipment can lead to long term downtimes. The experts from HDI Risk Consulting support with practical assistance during the shutdown and for the restart of the technical facilities. A comprehensive checklist of suitable measures for the protection of machinery and other technical equipment provides valuable advice.

You can find the checklist here: