An accountant facing disciplinary action. An architect currently in dispute with a customer over an error that has resulted in unforeseen costs. These are examples of situations typically not covered by regular professional indemnity insurance.

In case of any dispute, HDI would like to offer professionals legal assistance. As a result, in cooperation with DAS insurance we have developed a unique safety net: ‘Legal aid insurance’. This supplementary policy offers legal assistance in case of claims that normally fall outside the scope of professional indemnity insurance. If you would like to be assured of expert legal assistance in the event of disputes arising from professional errors, consider taking out HDI’s Legal aid insurance policy.

The insurance policy in short

Legal aid insurance covers the legal fees incurred as a result of being held accountable for (alleged) professional errors that aren’t covered by professional indemnity insurance or that fall under the level of your professional indemnity insurance’s deductible.

The policy offers legal assistance to professionals in case of disputes over:

  • Fees
  • Administrative penalties and special clauses (e.g. fines)
  • Commitments relating to financial results and/or returns
  • Intellectual property right infringements
  • Environmental damage
  • Disciplinary action and criminal law (e.g. economic crimes)

Why choose HDI?

An optimal alignment between professional indemnity insurance and legal aid insurance

Aligning two different types of insurance (Legal aid insurance and Liability) is no easy task. ‘Legal aid insurance’ is unique in that the terms and conditions of both insurance policies are perfectly aligned. This is important, because terms such as ‘event’ or ‘dispute’ as used by providers of legal expense insurance tend to be interpreted differently by liability insurance companies. Legal aid insurance will spare you that discussion.

HDI’s combination of professional indemnity insurance and Legal aid insurance offers you a fully-integrated product: Legal aid insurance takes over where your liability coverage falls short.

An Legal aid insurance policy should appeal to those (thinking of) taking out Professional indemnity insurance, with the exception of lawyers and notaries. Specific professions that could benefit from the additional coverage might include:

  • Accountants, trust companies and tax consultancy firms
  • Financial intermediaries, planners and brokers
  • IT and consultancy firms

Legal aid insurance allows you to add coverage of your legal expenses for a nominal surcharge to your professional indemnity premium.

Legal aid insurance is a supplementary policy to HDI’s Professional indemnity Insurance and can therefore not be taken out separately. The policy is offered exclusively by HDI and can therefore not be taken out directly from DAS or other insurers.

Claims handling

Legal assistance is provided by the SME division of legal expenses insurer DAS. Their SME specialists have substantial experience with cases like yours.

Tip from our experts

Professionals should not underestimate the importance of having a safety net that guarantees them legal assistance at all times. After all, your company’s continuity is at stake. Legal aid insurance as a supplement to your professional indemnity insurance is no luxury. Contact your insurance broker to discuss your options now.