Jeweller’s Insurance: Protect your valuable enterprise

Our extensive Jeweller’s Insurance covers the damages incurred as a result of burglaries, theft, robberies and fires. You are free to extend your coverage to other areas as required. This way, the insurance policy is sure to be in line with the specific circumstances of your business.

One dreadful moment can have far-reaching consequences for your business continuity. Don’t hesitate to protect your valuable enterprise and take out Jeweller’s Insurance at HDI.

Scope of the insurance at a glance

We have developed our Jeweller’s Insurance especially for jewellers, diamond-sellers, goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewellery workshops and repair shops. We have drawn up an appropriate policy for these target groups that is based on many years of experience in this sector.

The coverage offered by our basic policy is already very extensive and includes:

  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Robbery
  • Fire

Depending on your wishes, you can choose to expand your insurance coverage with, for example:

  • Transport
  • Cash
  • Inventory
  • Business interruption
  • Glass
  • Premises
  • Third-party liability.

Why choose HDI?

Specialised in major risks

HDI’s Special Insurance team stands for expertise, continuity and quality. Thanks to many years of experience serving policy holders both in the Netherlands and abroad, our team boasts unique, specialist expertise in the field of major, theft-sensitive risks.

Swift insight in your specific situation

As a business owner, it is probably far from easy for you to quickly determine the best insurance for your valuable enterprise. At HDI, we work with short lines of communication, meaning that where required, we can quickly visit you on location with your insurance adviser. Together, we can determine which solution best suits your specific circumstances. So that you can rest assured that your risks are effectively covered.

Victim support after a robbery

A robbery tends to involve more than just material damages. Often, these incidents also have a tremendous emotional impact. If you have been robbed, we will not underestimate the gravity of the situation. That is why under the terms of the Robbery cover in our policy, HDI will also offer you and your staff members a reimbursement for victim support via D.O.e.N. This victim support organisation specialises in providing immediate care to robbery victims, as well as follow-up support.

Risk management

The adequate insurance of a jewellery store involves targeted measures in the area of prevention and damage containment. Our inspectors will make a knowledgeable assessment of your situation, map out your risks and advise you on the best solutions. Your business is particularly at risk during renovations. We can support you to ensure that the agreed-upon security measures are implemented in a responsible manner both during and after the renovation period.

Claims settlement

Often, the actual value of an insurance policy only becomes clear when you file a damage claim. In the interest of your business, action needs to be taken as swiftly as possible. In such cases, you can rely on the expert support of our experienced, specialist claims team.

Experts’ tip

Each jewellery store has its own approach and sells a unique selection of articles. While we offer a range of different policy coverages, they probably won’t all be relevant to your business. Are you looking for an insurance solution that is tailored to your specific circumstances? Get in touch with your insurance adviser to discuss the possibilities.