Increasingly, judges hold employers accountable for injuries sustained by employees at work. Regular Liability Insurance does not always cover these cases. Furthermore, it is possible that as an employer you would like to support your staff financially, even when you are not personally liable for the accident.

Our good employer insurance (WSV) insures employees against losses suffered as a result of work-related accidents.

Do you, as a good employer, want to uphold your duty of care by taking out comprehensive insurance for your workforce? If so, choose HDI’s WSV.

The insurance policy in short

WSV covers the losses incurred by an employee as a result of accidents that are in some way related to work. WSV also functions as additional coverage – supplementing regular general third party liability insurance (GTPL) and other policies where they fall short. This allows WSV to act as a unique safety net for employers.

The policy refunds the actual financial losses incurred (up to the policy limits). We do not work with predefined sums (Gliedertaxe) as is the case with regular Accident Insurance policies.

WSV is available to all Dutch employers. The employer functions as the policyholder, while employees, as well as any temporary staff, interns and / self employed without employees (freelancer), are insured.

Why choose HDI?


Quick claims settlement

The question of liability plays no role in the insurance payout, allowing the compensation process to function smoothly.


A broad interpretation of the term ‘accident’

HDI has broadened the definition of the term ‘accident’ specifically for our WSV a large variety of work-related accidents is covered. As a result, employers need not worry about whether accidents during business trips or other activities are insured.


Up-to-date insurance

With WSV, HDI is responding to current and expected legal standards for ‘good employment practices’. Judges often indicate that having ‘adequate insurance’, which reimburses workers’ losses after an accident, is an integral part of a company’s good employment practices – even when the employer could not have prevented the accident. In this respect, WSV eliminates the need for (Liability) insurance policies such as AVB+ (providing coverage for article 7:611 BW), WEGAS and WEGAM.

Claims handling

Our competent claims handlers are committed, professional and customer-oriented. Sometimes a claim filed with a third party or insurance company has little chance of succeeding. In that case the WSV will pay out the claim to compensate the insured for their loss.

Tip from our experts

Judges often unexpectedly draw a connection between accidents and work in order to accommodate affected employees. With WSV you and your employees are on the same side. Do you want to avoid discussions on liability and receive swift compensation? Contact your insurance broker to discuss your options.