Cyber attacks are very diverse; both the perpetrator, the method, the target and the impact can be very different. Web servers can be hacked for intelligence purposes, or IT systems can get infected with viruses with the intention to control complete systems. Also, production control software can be manipulated which can cause business interruption. However, often it is not at all clear who the perpetrator is, and what his motives are. Apart from the diversity of cyber risk, it is the human factor playing an important role here because cybercriminals are keen on abusing human weaknesses through phishing or social engineering. This makes it difficult to control the risk which is why insurance can be a good solution.

The insurance in brief

The Cyber+ insurance provides coverage for liability, administrative procedures, first party loss and business interruption.

  • Liability for example, because the insured has failed to take the right security measures, such as the encryption of sensitive data. Cyber+ covers losses of third parties derived from such incidents including the costs of defense.
  • Administrative procedures in the event of a data breach the data protection authority can start a research. Cyber+ covers in that case the costs of legal assistance and insurable fines resulting from the investigation.
  • First party loss indemnifies the cost of IT forensic investigators, legal advice, public relations consultants who are needed in the event of a cyber incident. Also the costs to notify a data breach and restore damaged or lost data and software are being reimbursed.
  • Business Interruption covers the gross profit resulting from the non-availability of networks due to a network security breach.

Why choose HDI?


 On top of the standard coverage the insurance can be extended with various cover elements such as cyber espionage, cyber fraud, damage caused by a human error, credit card penalties (PCI DSS), cloud exposures or other specific customer requirements.


Cyber+ is especially suitable for international companies. The policy provides worldwide – as far as legally permitted – coverage and access to quality and global incident response. In addition, HDI can offer the insured amounts that are appropriate for such enterprises.

Claims handling/incident response

The real value of insurance is often only apparent if an incident takes place. In the event of an incident, specialised partners can provide valuable support. In addition, you can rely on our team of experienced, specialist claims handlers.

Experts' tip

Save log files for an appropriate period

Log files can provide valuable information to identify and detect hackers. Therefore, it is important to save the log activities on your network for an appropriate period (for instance at least 90 days).
Check with your insurance advisor to discuss your insurance options.