Insurance agencies

HDI Global SE, the Netherlands (hereinafter HDI) offers business related insurances via our insurance agencies as well as via binders. A binder has the authority to offer HDI insurance products, whether or not under its own name. A binder is independent and can have other authorities for multiple insurers. A binder has no requirement to place insurance policies within their authorisation on behalf of HDI.

How does a binder work?

A binder does a lot of the work which is normally done by the insurer. A binder accepts insurances, issues policies end collects the premium. Besides this, a binder can also handle claims for most insurances, usually without any direct involvement from HDI. A binder can also work as service provider for insurance agencies which do not have a relationship with HDI.

Is a binder liable?

Binders have their own licences which are checked on a regular basis. These licences are registered and controlled by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Most of the binders are affiliated with the NVGA , which is the Dutch Association of Authorised Binder Businesses. However, if you have a complaint related to a binder which sells products of HDI, you can contact our Compliance Officer.

Overview of binders

HDI works with a limited number of binders, due to the fact that an authority is only given under restriction. An authority can be given for the following branches: liability, special lines, property, motor and marine. In attached scheme you will find a list of our active binders. This information also can be found at the AFM’s website.