HDI Clinical Trials

One of the features of clinical trials is that they experiment with random individuals of a target group. Clinical trials are planned forecast studies which monitor the individuals evolution over time. The treatment provided normally tends to differ from usual ones, either because it is not authorised or because it is used under different conditions as the ones approved. Therefore, they may not provide any benefit to the individual.

Clinical trials are complex process with a very specific target. Its sponsor needs to be conscious of the viability of the project and whether future outcomes may be applicable or not.

Clinical trials success will very much depend on how well it is planned and how potential issues are being managed.

Scope of services details

Clinical Trials

Our policy covers claims derived from damage caused to the individuals who take part in clinical trials up to three years after the study. This includes:

  • Personal and material damage caused to individuals who participate in the study
  • Defence costs


Full coverage

Our policies include all clinical trials participants as policyholders. This includes the sponsor of the trial, main researcher, collaborators, hospital or centre of study, administrators and directors.

Global coverage

HDI Global is an international company that operates in over 100 countries around the world. We have a strong international network which allows us issuing local policies for International Insurance Programmes to insure Clinical Trials.

Experts’ tip

Hospitals, funds and doctors, together with Pharmaceutical labs are requested to get a liability insurance for clinical trials they carry out. Please contact HDI underwriter should you need additional information with regards to clinical trials.