Clinical trials from HDI Global

Increasingly, clinical trials are subject to strong regulation with compulsory insurance, which varies by country. In Italy  it is: € 5Million per test protocol  till 50 patients involved - € 7.5Million per test protocol    from 50 to 200 patirnts involved and € 10 Million  per test protocol  from 200 patients involved. Abroad, it is necessary in each country to comply with the laws or practices.


HDI accompanies you abroad

HDI subscribed for Italian developers around the world (except the US) and also provides international multi-center trials, thanks to the support and subject matter expertise of its international network.


HDI can issue in few time the documents needed to start the trial.

In brief

  • multi-centers trials enabling by our efficient network
  • Appetites : drugs, medical devices (invasive or not), epidemiology and physiopathology, food supplements, cosmetics