As companies in some parts of the world are returning to normal, the lessons from Covid-19 should be carefully studied and remembered. The likelihood of similar events occurring in the future rises with trends such as climate change and deforestation, says Claire McDonald, UK and Ireland country manager at HDI Global SE.

Risk managers have mostly been focussing on corporate duty of care to employees, the closure of physical locations, and repositioning business to survive the pandemic. However, risk managers should have one eye firmly fixed on the future.

McDonald suggests: “They should be asking themselves questions like: Should our future supply chain be the same as the one we have had in place historically? What does the pandemic mean for numbers in the organisation? And how do we ensure we are in the best place to have our voices heard internally?”

Source: Commercial Risk Europe
The interview appeared in the June/July 2020 issue of Commercial Risk Europe. You can download the article in PDF format below.
Learning lessons from Covid-19 (PDF)