Professional claims management service provided by HDI Global

HDI provides a professional claims management service, both at national and international level. In international markets this service is provided through local HDI companies or appointed network partners. In the event of major damage, our central claims management team plays the lead role in the process, co-ordinating the work of claims experts in local countries. Top priorities are limiting the extent of damage, as well as avoiding damage related client losses to ensure the company’s continued ability to operate.

Scope of services at a glance

Claims management

Clients benefit from HDI claims experts’ wide range of experience in specific insurance categories.

  • Claims adjusters are key contact persons and they deal locally with assembling appropriate teams of experts.
  • Following a damage event, companies can rely on prompt payment of compensation in settlement of their claims.
  • Acknowledged experts in providing advice on and managing liability claims lawsuits, settlement discussions and mediation processes.
  • Clients can access valuable information to manage their risks and to ensure their quality management systems work.
  • HDI has one of the largest claims departments in the industrial insurance segment.
  • Companies benefit from our claims handlers’ high level of expertise and decision-making authority.


Global, close-to-client claims handling

High-performance capability worldwide both locally and internationally in close proximity with clients.

Claims are settled rapidly

The decentralised organisational structure of our claims operations facilitates rapid and uncomplicated claims settlement.

Claims experience ensures broad-based know-how

We have industry-specific knowledge back by many years’ experience of handling industrial claims.

Seamless claims handling

Claims made outside the client’s home country are handled seamlessly and without any compatibility or co-ordination problems between master and local policies.