Clinical Trials

Scope of services

Clinical trial sponsors and researchers are insured for their liability with regards to trial participants depending on the legal requirements in each country. Legal expenses (attorney fees, court expenses, etc.) that arise as a result of such claims, are also covered under the policy.

Coverage for single and multinational trials is provided via our global network by highly experienced, professional experts. For multinational trials, a centrally controlled Master Policy is issued and additional local policies cover specific requirements in each market. The insured enjoys a harmonized overview of his insurance protection while ensuring there are no gaps in cover.



The complexity of the legal environment in global clinical trials exposes all related parties to significant risks.  Our experts follow closely all regulatory developments internationally and work closely with the client offering specialised advise.

High capacity & financial strength

The robust financial strength of HDI Global SE allows high levels of underwriting capacity for clinical trial risks, even in cases of several simultaneous clinical trials.

Customer segments

Our products are designed to protect the biggest pharmaceutical industry companies, health service providers and research institutions, such as:

  • Research and clinical trial organisations
  • Independent research organisations/companies
  • Universities and academic research centres
  • Medical professionals, doctors, researchers, assistants, etc.
  • Other organisations, companies or professionals active in clinical or biomedicine trials/research
  • Pharmaceutical companies