International insurance programmes: insuring against various classes of risk

Our focus is on professional claims management, Risk Consulting know-how in implementing risk management systems and on providing sufficient cover to insure against existing risks. HDI Global SE provides cross-risk-class insurance cover through its international insurance programmes.

Global solutions require global action

HDI currently provides risk-adjusted insurance cover in 39 countries through HDI branches, subsidiaries and affiliates and joint ventures. In more than 110 other countries insurance cover is provided by a long-standing, tried and tested network of partners. Our aim is to provide insurance cover for corporations internationally that is as risk-adjusted and consistent as possible.

The network uses a unique web based tool to manage the programs, including policy handling, premium collection and claims accounting. Country specifics such as statutory regulations and tax law requirements are complied with. This puts companies in the best possible position, especially with regard to increasingly stringent compliance requirements.


Scope of services at a glance

HDI Global SE provides international insurance programmes in the following insurance categories:

  • Property insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • D&O insurance
  • Engineering & Construction


Worldwide cover in more than 150 countries

Risk-adjusted, global insurance cover is provided by international insurance programmes in more than 150 countries.

A decisive experience

2850 programs managed by HDI Global SE.

Risk-adjusted calculation of premiums and insured sums

Insurance sums and premiums are calculated to match the client’s risks in compliance with statutory regulations and country-specifics.

Our web-based tool, IP-Web, enables our industrial clients to keep tabs on all their international insurance contracts, irrespective of time and place. Further information about IP-Web

Sufficient insurance-cover capacities

The involvement of our financially well-resourced parent company, Talanx AG, enables sufficient capacity to be provided for clients’ insurance needs.

Access to a dedicated contact person

A dedicated account manager, supported by underwriters, handles all insurance issues that apply to the client’s international insurance programmes.


Our strong presence allow us to propose solutions and large capacities in Brazil , Russia, India and China.