Professional claims management service provided by HDI Global

Our team of experienced staff is looking indeed, by its reactive approach and constant support, the accession of each customer to the amount of compensation that we offer.

Damage events, for example a fire in a production building, represent extreme situations for companies. The right decisions have to be made and action has to be taken within the shortest possible timeframe. The objective above all is to return those areas affected by any damage to full operation to avoid possible financial problems. This is where an industrial insurer can really show its capability.

Our process is part of the framework jointly established taking into account your internal processes and your needs in terms of monitoring and information flows lifts. It relies on networks of experts and recognized lawyers and customized reporting to demonstrate the value of our commitment. We are indeed very conscious that the quality, experience and responsiveness are key factors for performing claims management to limit their impact on your business and preserve as much as possible your business relationships with your customers.

Scope of services at a glance

Animated by this conviction, we provide you with:

  • A dedicated and experienced team who can make decisions.
  • Efficient and transparent in claim management. The insured is at the center of discussions and decisions.
  • Exchanges promoted through cooperation between the client, the insurer, the broker, experts and lawyers.
  • A worldwide status report available with a 48 hour notice detailing the provisions and payments
  • Regular claim reviews adapted to your needs.


Claims experience ensures broad-based know-how

We have industry-specific knowledge back by many years’ experience of handling industrial claims. Our group was founded more than 100 years ago by industrial companies for industrial companies. With this experience and knowledge of risk, our claim department offers real expertise and knowledge.


We work with you and our commitment is based on:

  • A customer vision,
  • Timeliness,
  • Reactivity,
  • Pragmatism,
  • Regular communication.