Environmental liability – Eco-Risiko from HDI Global

The Eco-Risiko contract is a tailored to meet our clients' protection needs. This flexible contract includes:

Environment liability (EIL) to repair the consequences of any dammages caused to the environment, accidental or gradual, suffered by third parties and neighborhood. The financial consequences of the responsibility of the insured for the operation of its own sites are guaranteed, and its interventions on third party sites and transport operations.

Extensions for more comprehensive guarantees for the EIL is not sufficient to meet the responsibilities that weigh on the operator and its financial protection needs:

  • Environmental responsibility (ER). The financial consequences – prevention expenses and remedying of environmental damage under the European Directive on biodiversity are guaranteed,
  • Soil and water cleanup costs, on site and off site, and decontamination costs of property, caused or suffered by the Insured,
  • The financial loss to protect the assets of the insured.
  • Additional extension to D&O cover,
  • The possibility of extending territoriality the USA-Canada, in addition to a local policy.


A comprehensive contract

A single policy for all activities : operation of sites, services and transport


Important Capacities

We can deliver € 75 million capacity per claim and per year

  • Including € 50 million in Liability Damage to the Environment (EIL)
  • Including € 50 million Pecuniary Losses, including environmental responsibility


We bring our knowledge in risk analysis by relying on the expertise of Assurpol teams. Our contract is flexible to enable a subscription tailored to the needs of our target customers, we can support internationally with the establishment of local policies


We offer Risk Consulting services to accompany the insured in a preventive approach.

In brief

  • Capacity: €50 million Public Liability Damage to the environment and €25 million in Pecuniary Losses
  • Preferred sectors: corporate customers and ETI (mid-caps)