Cyber insurance – IT security with HDI Cyber Insurance

The forms of attack are diverse. Webservers are hacked into in order to spy on databases. Computers are infiltrated, whilst users are surfing the Internet, with the objective of gaining control over them. Manufacturing plant control software programmes are attacked in order to sabotage production. These examples demonstrate that protecting computer systems against viruses and trojans using security software only is no longer sufficient; and to make IT security work requires a comprehensive protection strategy. HDI Cyber Insurance provides companies with an integrated insurance solution.

Scope of services at a glance

Cyber insurance

HDI Cyber Insurance includes insurance against first-party damage, for example manufacturing interruptions. Third-party damage is also covered, for example damage for which a customer or business partner holds the company responsible and submits a claim.

  • Insurance cover includes financial losses or costs caused by, for example, damage to, theft or unauthorised disclosure of data, as well as data recovery.
  • Insurance cover can be augmented by adding the following modules: legal costs, D&O, cyber threats, industrial espionage, third-party dishonesty or employee misconduct.
  • In the event of a crisis the policyholder is also provided with crisis communication action and forensic investigation cover.


Integrated insurance solution

HDI Cyber Insurance provides companies with access to an integrated insurance solution. It combines insurance against first party and third party damage, incorporates key insurance cover add-ons and provides crisis and risk management assistance.

Liability cover for corporate executives

Insurance cover can be augmented by adding liability cover for corporate executives, who are confronted with increased civil legal responsibility as a result of cyber-attacks.

Focus on manufacturers’ lost output risks

This insurance solution was designed in particular with industrial manufacturing businesses in mind. Companies can insure against the risks of lost manufacturing output resulting from cyber-attacks.

Cybercrime by country as a percent of GDP

Source: Net Losses: Estimating the Global Cost of Cybercrime, Center for strategic and International Studies, June 2014