Automobile fleet from HDI Global

HDI supports its clients on all aspects of the Automobile risk for fleets from a hundred vehicles to international programmes through a presence in many countries. Thanks to this experience, our team studied Automobile Fleet and delivers to its customers technical and financial tailored solutions, optimized and best suited to risk studied, from simple to premium fixtures with retention.



HDI has chosen a specific and efficient solution for the management of claims, foundation of any effective fleet management. This solution is interconnected with brokers (EDI). In addition HDI has built partnerships and processes targeting cost and reduction of vehicles immobilization durations. An extranet gives access to claim data in real time. The Automobile fleet team is available to study and implement any solution, any reporting that enable our customers to better monitor and better control its risk.

Expert advice

France has one of the best levels of compensation for victims of traffic accidents, however, the driver is excluded if its responsibility is involved. This driver here being the employee of the company or one of his relatives, it is crucial to keep him in the center of the protection system. For that we must not underestimate the importance of ensuring "Driver Safety" (which compensates for death, disability, medical expenses ...) and the chosen level of compensation.