Professional Indemnity

Having your business activity insured with us, allows you to put your mind at rest and be assured that your business is secured by an industry expert. Having our home companies expanding internationally, from small studios to multinational conglomerates, the activity of architects and engineers is constantly scrutinised by their clients. Operating in a number of countries with different legal and regulatory environments and an industry that still suffers the negative effects of the global economy, our clients cannot allow to bear the consequences of claims arising from negligence or professional errors.

Scope of services details

Our Professional Indemnity insurance provides cover for legal and defence costs associated to claims as well as any compensation or costs assigned to our clients as a result of:

  • Errors and omissions and/or negligence in the provision of Works, professional services or advice;
  • Loss of Documents;
  • Fraud and Dishonesty of Employees; and

As well as costs incurred by the Insured to rectify the error, including mitigation and/or rectification costs. Our range of clients include, amongst others:

  • Technical, civil and construction engineers;
  • Architects;
  • Supervisors, Project Managers; and
  • Specialists: Geotechnics, Hydrological, etc.,

Single Project Professional Indemnity

Our Single Project Professional Indemnity insurance (SPPI) are tailor made for each construction Project. As opposed to the available annual policies that can be cancelled or see its limits eroded by unrelated claims with respect to a specific Project, SPPI policies offers a one-off premium and a non-voidable cover, providing contractors increased control over the insurance related costs and comfort as regards the scope of cover.

The insurance product can be structured from the perspective of either the Owner or the Contractor, being the latter the most common, providing cover for contractors, sub-contractors, specialists and advisors involved in the project, it being on an individual basis or as a Joint Venture or Consortium.

In this sense and following the Owner’s request, the policy covers all service providers including architects, designers, construction supervisors or Project managers, as well as specialists in charge of preliminary or feasibility studies.


Most professional solution

HDI Global has the expertise of having insured a large number of projects in the five continents with different focus, to offer the most professional solution ensuring the best insurance protection during the life-cycle of the projects.