In addition to language and culture business travelers and employees on long-term assignments abroad, the so-called expatriates, have to master a wide range of challenges in the countries where they are working. At the same time the employers are also confronted with additional costs and liability risks, including their duty of care as an employer. In some regions of the world employees can be threatened or detained by criminals or disappear without trace. The authorities in these regions are often not able or not willing to help. In addition countries that are regarded as safe today can be engulfed by political upheaval or civil war tomorrow and create the urgency for employees in those regions to be evacuated or other security measures to be taken. To insure against these risks and provide support to those employees sent abroad, HDI has created an insurance package consisting of prevention, cost reimbursement and crisis management consultancy.

Scope of services at a glance

HDI Special Risk Insurance

HDI Special Risk Insurance provides policyholders with prevention advice supplied by a well-known crisis management consultant. In an emergency, companies can access a crisis management service provided by the same consultant that supplies the prevention advice. Insurance cover includes extensive reimbursement of costs, for instance when employees are threatened, disappear without trace or need to be evacuated.

HDI also offers special insurance solutions for other particular risk situations.


Optimum provision according to specific needs

Specific insurance cover can be agreed for all employees, just for management-level employees or for individuals.

Global protection with no exceptions

Short term project cover for trips to specific countries or worldwide annual cover.

24/7 access to crisis management service

Given HDI’s extensive professional know-how and many years of best practice claims settlement experience, companies can rely on professional, discreet processing and settlement in the event of a claim.