Major corporations and medium-sized businesses and are provided with insurance solutions that match their operational requirements. These include HDI motor liability and collision damage insurance, as well as supplementary road traffic modules. Depending on fleet size, companies can agree specific insurance cover solutions. Here the focus is on insuring against a wide range of different risks and streamlined handling processes. Through our professional claims management system, clients are provided with rapid and expert support in the event of a claim. Fleet clients are advised separately on all important fleet issues. Objectives include reducing the frequency of claims and training drivers and fleet managers. Current priorities in Germany are the statutory requirements of the German Professional Drivers Qualifications Act and driving times and rest periods for professional drivers.

Motor Insurance

A traffic accident occurs every four to five minutes on German roads. HDI provides companies with motor insurance solutions that deliver greater security for their employees and vehicles.


Fleets and Vehicle Pools

HDI offers insurance cover solutions for every size of vehicle fleet. Of particular importance are continuous cost optimisation and the reduction of accident frequency.


Cover business vehicle risks comprehensively with HDI motor vehicle insurances

There is a road traffic accident on German roads every four to five minutes. HDI offers companies automobile insurances for more safety for their employees and vehicles.