HDI efficiently provides the desired cover for many types of vehicles in the form of framework contracts: from company cars, transporters, semitrailers and trailers to special commercial vehicles such as forklifts. Accident damage to personal vehicles can be covered with HDI comprehensive automobile insurance. The offer of HDI accident and breakdown cover and HDI driver protection insurance provide supplementary insurance cover. Employers can guarantee comprehensive insurance for their vehicles and wide-ranging cover for their employees when they are away on business - even in their private vehicle.

Services at a glance

  • Liability cover for motor vehicles is a legal requirement. HDI motor vehicle liability insurance covers personal injury, damage to property and assets caused by driving the vehicle up to the individually agreed sum insured. Both the policyholder and a co-insured person are covered: any justified compensation claims made against them will be settled and unjustified claims quickly rejected.
  • HDI automobile insurance covers losses arising from damage, destruction or loss of the vehicle caused by the owner of the vehicle. Insurance cover can be fully comprehensive or partial.
  • The HDI accident and breakdown cover “Mobil-plus” provides additional vehicle service. This includes accident and breakdown service, salvage and recovery of the vehicle, pick-up service and much more.
  • HDI driver protection insurance provides complete risk coverage for the driver and all accompanying passengers in the event of a claim - even if the driver is at fault.


Insurance solutions for any fleet

Individual motor vehicle insurance solutions are prepared, coordinated with the type of vehicle and fleet size; these can be adapted and expanded if and as required. Lean processes are complemented by a permanent electronic insurance certificate.

Guaranteeing regular qualifications

HDI offers regular training sessions for drivers and executives. The primary aims are the fulfilment of legal requirements and the reduction of claim frequency.

Professional claims management

Motor vehicle insurance customers have access to professional claims management. In the event of a claim, the team is always reachable, 24/7, 365 days a year. This also provides cost control of workshops and towing services.

Independent consultation in fleet-related questions

HDI motor vehicle experts advise companies in fleet-related questions independently and free from third-party interests. This also applies to cooperation with service providers such as lessors.

Expert´s tip:

Classes C1 and C1E licences remain valid for longer

The German Ministry of Transport had briefly adjusted the term of validity for class C1 and C1E licences, which concern light trucks and light trucks with trailers, to European legislation. This led to disquiet and complaints from fleet managers. In the meantime, the following regulation applies: both classes are only valid for five years if they were issued on or after 28 December 2016. That means that all C1 and C1E licences granted before this date continue to be valid until the licence holder becomes 50.

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