HDI motor insurance – insuring against corporate road traffic risks

HDI efficiently provides the required insurance cover for many different vehicle types, ranging from company cars and vans, articulated trucks and trailers, through to specialised commercial vehicles like forklift trucks. Accident damage to private vehicles can be covered by HDI collision damage insurance. HDI accident and breakdown cover and HDI driver insurance provide additional insurance cover. Employers have comprehensive cover for their vehicles and extensive cover for their employees, including for the latter travelling in their own private vehicles on business for their employer.

Scope of services at a glance

Motor insurance

  • Liability insurance for motor vehicles is a statutory requirement. HDI motor liability insurance covers personal injury, damage to property and financial loss caused by the driving of a vehicle up to the individually agreed insurance sum. Both the policyholder and a co-insured person are covered: justified claims made against them will be settled, whilst unjustified claims will be promptly rejected.
  • HDI collision damage insurance covers losses suffered by the vehicle owner as a result of damage to, destruction or loss of their own vehicle. Insurance cover can be provided on a fully comprehensive or third party, fire and theft basis.
  • HDI’s ‘Mobil-plus’ motor accident and breakdown cover provides additional vehicle-related services. These include accident and breakdown assistance, vehicle recovery and towing, a pick-up service and much more besides.
  • HDI driver insurance provides comprehensive risk cover for the driver and all passengers involved in the event of an accident – even if the driver is judged to be at fault.

Employees frequently use their own vehicles when going on business trips. Costs of fuel, car tax, maintenance repairs and insurance are compensated for by means of a mileage allowance. The employer is also responsible for covering accident risks of his employees and damage to their vehicles while traveling for the company. With its corporate travel vehicle insurance, HDI is introducing an individually designable insurance concept focusing on the following services:

  • the insurance covers cars as well as motorcycles used for business trips with additional options for mobile homes and rental cars
  • Comprehensive insurance covers self-inflicted damage
  • Vehicle driver insurance provides security for drivers and passengers
  • Employees that return to their place of work regularly in the course of their on-call duty can be covered
  • Coverage modules that can be selected additionally, such as including insurance for downtime, depreciations and provisions, insurance for loss of no-claims bonus while on a business trip, subsidiary vehicle liability and accident insurance for business trips


Insurance solutions for any fleet

Specific motor insurance solutions are provided based on vehicle type and fleet size. Streamlined processes are supplemented by the provision of permanent electronic insurance verification numbers.

Regularly ensuring the right level of qualifications

HDI offers regular training for drivers and managers. Primary objectives are the fulfilment of statutory requirements as well as a reduction in the frequency of claims.

Professional claims management

Motor insurance clients have access to a professional claims management service. In the event of a claim, that means 365 day availability as well as garage and recovery service cost control.

Independent fleet advice

HDI road traffic experts provide independent and impartial advice to companies on all fleet issues. This also applies to working with service providers like lessors.