HDI Fleet Insurance – managing fleets, reducing costs

Companies require insurance cover solutions that are tailored to their requirements and fleet sizes. HDI fleet insurance solutions include extensive flat-rate cover and collision damage insurance options with individual excess models. Policyholders can choose between various premiums models and premium adjustment agreements. Companies with fleets of between 3 and 50 vehicles have a choice of two insurance cover solutions:

Scope of services at a glance

Fleet insurance

HDI motor liability insurance provides flat-rate cover of 100 million Euros and first party cover. In the event of a claim cover of up to 15 million Euros per injured person is provided. Accident and breakdown cover, replacement-value cover and contingency cover such as decommissioned motor insurance are all standard.

  • A high degree of flexibility is a feature of our insurance solutions. The policyholder can determine excesses and collision damage options and has a choice of billing procedures. The same applies to inclusions and exceptions applying to the cover selected.
  • There is a choice of fleet-specific premium models, ranging from single and unit premiums via target-date premiums through to sales discount and annual lump-sum models.
  • Policyholders can choose from different premium adjustment options in line with their corporate objectives, for example profit share or bonus/penalty arrangements.

Extremely stringent safety requirements are a hallmark of the aviation industry. Aviation product liability insurance is therefore absolutely essential at all levels of the supply chain. HDI offers tailor-made insurance solutions across the entire spectrum of aviation products and services, including airframe and engine manufacturers, component manufacturer , maintenance, repair and overhaul companies and groundhandler. Our services include thorough risk-assessment, defense of claims, and indemnification where appropriate. Coverage is available for losses due to bodily injury, property damage, hangar keepers’ liability and financial losses stemming from grounding, extended products liability and recalls. HDI also offers specialized products and services for the Aerospace industry.


Optimisation of fleet management processes

The three-part FleetService-Professional service model provides fleet managers with an all-in service aimed at all corporate fleet management processes.

Fully transparency for fleet managers

Fleet clients have access to a comprehensive reporting system. Fleet managers can keep track of all key vehicle data. Internal structures and processes as well as claims histories are consequently transparent.

Unitary insurance cover for fleets based abroad

Insurance cover for vehicle pools in other countries is provided to companies with large fleets through our international insurance programmes.

Permanent control over proprietary fleets

The web-based ‘KControl’ controlling application keeps companies fully in the picture and in control of their own fleets.

Claims management

Saving time and money

In the event of a claim, HDI’s claims management teams can be reached 365 days a year around the clock. Service professionals handle everything from a pick-up/recovery service, if the vehicle is no longer roadworthy, through to repairs scheduling. Thanks to a partnership with more than 500 service points throughout Germany, HDI’s claims experts can monitor the entire repairs process. This delivers high standards of repair quality, and keeps costs under control. If HDI handles the entire claims management process, the fleet operator’s administrative inputs are minimal. Provision of the web-based ‘KControl’ controlling application gives fleet managers full transparency on all sections of their fleets.

Risk/Safety Consulting

Integrated service offering for fleet operators

HDI FleetService-Professional allows fleet clients to access an integrated service model. The focus is on risk-and safety-related fleet analysis and the development of specific risk prevention action plans. HDI provides comprehensive and detailed advice on issues for fleets/vehicle pools and supports clients in their negotiations with service providers. Professional claims management enables the main types of damage to be pinpointed and loss prevention action to be identified. Training programmes for drivers and fleet managers are also provided as an additional service. Special safety-and-security-related analyses as well as specific fire-and-theft prevention action plans are provided for car dealerships to round off this service offering.

Experts’ tip

Alterations to driving times and rest periods

New rules apply to professional drivers’ driving times and rest periods as a result of a new EU Regulation. The first portion of these regulations has already come into force; the second portion (incorporating further changes) is due to come into force by 2 March 2016.