HDI solutions for operators and constructors of wind power and photovoltaic plants

HDI provides plant operators with comprehensive insurance cover packages to safeguard their investments against a wide range of risks. It does not matter if, for example, a fire breaks out in the power electrics unit in the base of a wind turbine tower or technical defects in the inverter of a photovoltaic plant cause physical damage. Insurance cover is also provided for losses to insured assets due to natural disasters, such as flooding, hailstorms and landslides. HDI also offers for consequential business interruption, because, for example, a plant due to a physical damage as above cannot operate.

Scope of services at a glance

Wind power and photovoltaic plants

Insurance cover can be tailored to the specific insurance requirements of a wind power or photovoltaic plant. A wide range of optional extras is available to complement the basic cover provided.

Basic insurance cover includes shortfall or gap cover as part of any financing arrangement to offset any write-offs, as well as a new replacement-value indemnity within the first three years of operation. The following modules can be selected as a complement to basic cover: liability insurance, environmental liability insurance, legal costs insurance and installation insurance. The policyholder can agree a replacement-value indemnity for wind power plants, covering write-offs caused by fire for a maximum period of ten years following plant construction.

Following any physical damage-related plant stoppage, lost profits can be insured up to a certain amount that corresponds to the availability warranty provided in the full maintenance contract.

All physical damage related exposures incl. business interruption are offered end-to-end as soon as a project commences. Insurance cover includes the setting up as well as the operation of the photovoltaic plant.


Comprehensive cover for plant operators

Wind or photovoltaic plants can be comprehensively insured against all physical damage related construction and operational risks from the start of any project.

Professional support in the event of damage

HDI has a team of engineers and specialists at its disposal that ensures rapid, professional claims handling and settlement in the event of damage.

Wind energy is a key factor in the energy revolution

Output of new installed wind energy plants in megawatts


Source: German Wind Energy Association/GDV

Risk Consulting

Industry insiders with many years of experience and professional know-how

Given the high risk potential, taking action to minimise risks at an early stage is vital. Policyholders are provided with comprehensive advice and support in relation to risk-engineering issues. Risk engineers from HDI Risk Consulting have a wide range of experience in the construction and operation of wind power and photovoltaic plants. HDI’s experts have an educational background that includes technical training and/or an engineering degree. Their technical know-how is regularly updated by safety and other relevant training courses. Policyholders benefit as a result.

Experts’ tip

Guidelines for Offshore Wind Parks

The Offshore Code of Practice (OCoP) is a set of guidelines, which illustrate construction risks as well as the action that operators can take to reduce or prevent damage. HDI experts were also involved in drafting these guidelines.

You can find the Risk Management Mission Statement here.