HDI has been regarded for decades in the domestic and international film and TV industry as one of the leading German film insurers. Its clients include private and public-sector broadcasting corporations as well as film and television producers. HDI provides special insurance solutions to cover the wide range of risks involved in this segment.

Scope of services at a glance


HDI Film Industry Comprehensive Cover combines insurance against different risk categories according to the policyholder’s requirements, starting with key people involved with a film dropping out via damage or loss of image or sound recordings through to insuring film-production cash resources. Special solutions are provided to film producers to cover the financial risks involved in non-scheduled or over-budget film completion, so-called Completion Bonds, as well as the risks involved in sureties required by public-sector broadcasting corporations as part of our Surety Insurance solution. Promoters and organisers are also provided with specific insurance cover for damage-related cancellation of major events as part of our Event Cancellation Insurance solution.

This comprehensive cover provides insurance in the following six categories:

1. HDI Cast/Crew Insurance

Actioning a film project usually hinges on the leading actor, cameraman and director. If one of these people has to drop out because of illness, an accident or untimely demise, this leads to production delays or filming has to be interrupted or even abandoned. This can necessitate, for example, longer rental of the filming location or a longer engagement of the film crew. Such extra costs are covered by HDI Cast/Crew Insurance.

2. HDI Film Equipment Insurance

The destruction or damage of the film set or of props and scenery sets can lead to considerable film production delays or the abandonment of filming. Often damage to or the loss of recording equipment can have equally serious consequences. The cost risks associated with such scenarios are covered by HDI Film Equipment Insurance. If filming has to be abandoned, payments that still have to be made in accordance with contractual agreements are also covered.

3. HDI Image and Sound Recording Insurance

Film recordings can be damaged or get lost while they are being produced, stored, processed or in transit. The recovery or recreation of recordings costs money. If the recordings are irretrievably lost, the entire film project can fail. HDI Image and Sound Recording Insurance reimburse these recovery/repair costs and cover any previous as well as contractually agreed expenditure, if a film project has to be abandoned.

4. HDI Filmmaking Equipment Insurance

This insurance solution covers damage to recording equipment. Owned, borrowed or rented items, including accessories, are insured against most risks that could arise from the usage, transportation or storage of such equipment.

5. HDI Film Props Insurance

Props can be damaged or get lost during filming or while being transported to and from the film location. HDI Film Props Insurance reimburses the costs of their repair or replacement plus any clearance costs that might be incurred. It does not matter whether these props are owned, borrowed or rented. All sources of risk, with a few exceptions, are covered. On request insurance cover can be extended to living animals, jewellery, plants, structures etc. that are needed for filming.

6. HDI Film Production Cash Resources Insurance

Film production cash resources include means of payment like cash, cheques, EC and credit cards and their function is to enable payments to be made during filming, e.g. to extras. HDI Film Production Cash Resources Insurance insures these payment resources against theft in particular whilst being transported or in safe custody for the entire film production period.

Given the high costs of filmmaking, film producers are reliant on financial backers. These external investors require a Completion Bond to hedge their investment. This surety is based on a risk analysis, whether the film can be completed within budget and on schedule. Relevant monitoring by experts flags whether production is likely to be delayed or the budget exceeded at an early stage, enabling countermeasures to be taken promptly. This insurance cover solution provides three options, depending on by how much the budget is exceeded or the schedule overrun: the missing financial resources are made available, the film is completed at the producer’s own expense or the money invested to date is reimbursed.

TV producers are also commissioned by public-sector broadcasting corporations to make their programmes. If funding for such projects is secured using public funds, the latter often require a surety. Public-sector broadcasting corporations require producers to provide such security. As part of its Surety Insurance solution, which is concluded with the TV producer (policyholder), HDI (guarantor) guarantees the public-sector broadcasting corporation (creditor) that their claims arising out of the production contract will be met and that payment will be made in accordance with that contract.

Promoters and organisers can comprehensively insure their major events, such as tours, one-off concerts, conventions, conferences, exhibitions, sporting and open-air events by taking out event cancellation insurance. This insurance solution covers damage caused, for example, by fire, power failure, storms and other hazards. Normally insurance cover is provided for each individual event, in line with existing risks. Cover includes cancellation and the costs that arise as a result of pecuniary losses caused by the fact that the event cannot be staged or has to be rescheduled or rearranged. The precondition for this is that the causes are verifiably outside the control of the policyholder and the appointed organisers.

Promoters and organisers can also insure against the non-appearance of people booked to appear at their particular event. Extra costs incurred as a result of the cancellation of an event are absorbed if a performer has an accident, is taken ill or dies. The scope of cover is specifically arranged for each insured person and is dependent on the state of their health.


Insuring against film and event cancellation risks based on specific needs

Specific insurance cover for various categories of risk in the entertainment industry.

Comprehensive entertainment know-how

Competent advice based on many years of experience in the film and event industry.

Professional support for film projects

Experts ensure that first-class support is provided for the production of films as part of Completion Bond arrangements.