The Syria conflict and the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq are just some examples of current situations of crisis in the world. But even in regions that have previously been categorised as stable, a situation can become dangerous in a very short time. Since familiar infrastructures can break up quickly, there is not much time to retrieve employees located there. With HDI evacuation insurance, companies have access to crisis consultation which ensures the necessary safety of the employees in such challenging situations. The evacuation and consequential costs arising from this are covered comprehensively.

Services at a glance

Companies can considerably increase the safety of their employees abroad with HDI evacuation insurance. If the Foreign Office has issued a recommendation to leave a country, the relocated employees and their families, should there be any, will be returned from the crisis area. This is ensured through cooperation with one of three selected crisis consultants. At the same time, if it becomes serious, a crisis management plan will be initiated at company headquarters and an internal working group set up in order to secure a solid information situation. In this way, all necessary measures can be coordinated and implemented.

  • Coverage of financial risks as soon as there is a recommendation by the state department to leave, an employee is designated a “persona non grata” or their assets are confiscated.
  • A 24/7 crisis consultant hotline is set up that is constantly active in crisis situations. If necessary, an adviser will coordinate the required measures on location.
  • Comprehensive remuneration of travel and accommodation costs for the affected employees and their families during the evacuation, costs of personal items that have had to be left behind or have been lost and any fees for necessary psychological treatment and the gross salary for up to 120 days after a successful evacuation.


Extensive cover for employees working abroad

The secure evacuation of workers and their families from crisis zones.

Remuneration of evacuation and consequential costs

Comprehensive cover, including for example evacuation and accommodation costs for affected employees and their families.

Professional support from crisis consultants

If there is a crisis, one of three selected crisis consultants will provide support in setting up a crisis management group.

Global crisis insurance on all continents

Insurance cover is provided worldwide, without any exclusion of countries.

Expert tip

Targeted insurance of specific risks

This evacuation insurance is part of the HDI Comprehensive Crime Cover (HTripleC). This product range contains a number of special risk insurances. Internationally active companies can insure themselves in this way against further specific threat situations such as employees disappearing without a trace.

Do you want to find out more about HDI Comprehensive Crime Cover (HTripleC)? Just contact our experts!