When a drone crashes, the owner is liable in accordance with the German Air Traffic Act (Luftverkehrsgesetz, LuftVG), regardless of faults. This can have very far-reaching consequences and involve damage to property or even injuries to people. HDI Global SE has developed suitable coverage concepts for the professional use of drones or unpiloted aerial vehicles (UAV) or multicopters. Because drones are subject to compulsory insurance in both the commercial and private sectors.

Services at a glance

Drones - Aerial Vehicle Owner Liability Insurance

HDI offers owners the option of insuring a single aerial vehicle or combining several into one policy. The coverage concepts in the commercial sector are:

Who is CLASSIC cover suitable for?

  • For customers who only own one UAV (multicopter/ unmanned/ unpiloted aerial vehicle)
  • Several unnamed co-controllers are also insured
  • For customers who use several UAVs (multicopter/ unmanned/ unpiloted aerial vehicles) at the same time

Who is EXCLUSIVE Cover suitable for?

  • For customers who own several UAVs (multicopter/ unmanned/ unpiloted aerial vehicles) but only ever use one UAV at any given time.
  • Several unnamed co-controllers are also insured


Tailor-made insurance cover

HDI Global SE has the perfect insurance solution for the multitude of applications for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Flexible sums insured

Sums insured range from the legally prescribed lower limit to the individually necessary amount of cover.

Autonomous use

The autonomous use of model aircraft is also insured to the extent that the device in question is always within the controller's field of vision and the official ascent permit stipulates this.

Leisure-time use

Insurance cover for the private sphere

Membership of the German Model Flying Association (Deutscher Modellflieger Verband e.V., DMFV) contains special liability insurance cover for the private use of model aeroplanes and model aircraft. This also includes drones. For private individuals who are not members of the DMFV, HDI Global SE also offers the right coverage concept for the recreational area.