Industry-specific solution: insurance cover and risk management

HDI’s ‘AutohausSpezialPolice’ product relies on a combination of insurance and risk management. A single contract provides managing directors of car dealerships with an industry-specific insurance package that covers a range of car dealership risks. Criteria, such as various excess options, ensure these packages can be customised. At the same time this multi-risk policy provides access to Risk Consulting support and assistance from HDI Risk Consulting’s experts.

Scope of services at a glance


This multi-risk policy enables risk situations at car dealerships to be comprehensively insured. It includes motor liability insurance, motor insurance (fully or partially comprehensive) and passenger accident insurance for owners and employees. The non-life insurance component covers buildings, operating equipment, goods and inventories. Fire, mains water, elemental, loss of income, burglary and robbery insurance are included. Additional benefit components include:

  • Public liability and environmental liability insurance - Supplemental car dealership and automotive trade liability insurance
  • Electronics insurance for office and workshop electronic equipment
  • Towage insurance for recovering and towing customer vehicles - Corporate legal protection insurance
  • Private liability insurance for owners and Managing Directors


  • The client receives only one premium invoice. The amount of the insurance premium is based on the annual sales revenues of the car dealership, as disclosed by the client, claims history in the previous year and any cover extensions selected.
  • The arranged excess applies to all insurance categories insured in the ‘AutohausSpezialPolice’ and for each insurance claim. The following excess options are available: € 500, € 1,000, € 2,500 or € 5,000.
  • Insurance cover can be extended through a range of extra cover options. This applies, for example, to liability claims under the German Environmental Damage Act, as well as to losses involving tyre containers and their contents or corporate legal expenses insurance, plus product and road traffic legal expenses insurance.


Insurance package covering a range of different risks

Car dealerships are provided with a comprehensive insurance package comprising insurance and risk management components for specific risk situations.

Recognising and limiting risks

Qualified Risk Consulting advice and support for early recognition and limitation of existing risk potential.

Reducing major losses

Based on many years of relevant experience, we help car dealerships to take technical and organisational action to sustainably reduce the frequency and potential of major losses.

High level of expertise in dealing with loss events

Should a loss event occur, customers can rely on a professional claims management service, based on longstanding expertise.

Risk Consulting

Support with risk management

HDI Risk Consulting’s risk engineers help car dealerships to introduce risk management systems. Our experts analyse the operation together with the client during the course of a site inspection through which they gain a comprehensive picture of the specific risk situation on site. Different aspects are analysed, such as the safekeeping of vehicle keys, the handling of rental vehicles and the structuring of 24-hour acceptance systems. From this analysis, our experts make proposals for the appropriate risk reduction actions and the car dealership is assisted with implementation. This also applies to planned new buildings and extensions.

Claims management

Our claims handlers are based throughout Germany at eleven locations and are supported by claims experts working at HDI headquarters. In the event of a claim this approach ensures that a claims adjuster is quickly on site. All necessary decisions can be made quickly, loss-limitation action can be taken and compensation payments can be made promptly.

Experts’ tip

Secure vehicles in holding areas against theft

“Motor vehicles often need to be kept temporarily on vehicle holding areas. Practical experience has shown that vehicle parts are increasingly being stolen from these open spaces. The perpetrators proceed extremely professionally and frequently strike several times at the same location. Taking Risk Consulting action enables car dealerships to limit these risks significantly.