Railway companies are obliged to take out liability insurance, as previously set in the regulations governing railway liability insurance (Eisenbahnhaftpflichtversicherungsverordnung, EBHaftPflV). Recent fundamental and important changes in the law have been enacted. On the one hand, the law for enhancement of competition in the railway sector (Gesetz zur Stärkung des Wettbewerbs im Eisenbahnbereich), which came into effect on 2 September 2016, abolished the prior regulations. At the same time, however, amendments to the General Railways Act (Allgemeines Eisenbahngesetz, AEG) became effective, which increased the required minimum sum insured of compulsory liability insurance. The required amount of cover has nearly doubled, from €10.23 to €20m per claim (€40m per annual aggregate).

Services at a glance

  • Through a stand-alone railway liability policy, HDI ensures that the insurance coverage requirement is fulfilled without regard to other insurance sums.
  • Claims for personal injury and property damage are covered.
  • The liability cover is suitable for railway operating and infrastructure companies as well as railway vehicle owners who do not independently operate trains.
  • Claims are assessed by our robust team of claims’ professionals; justified claims are timely settled and unjustified claims and unfounded claims vigorously defended on the insured’s behalf.


Increased transparency

HDI terms and conditions fulfill increased transparency requirements.

Legal requirements are covered

Railway companies can be confident that the insurance cover meets the new legal requirements.

Extended insurance cover through ancillary cover

Additional insurance cover above and beyond the legally compulsory insurance is available via separate following commercial liability insurance.

Extensive industry expertise

Thanks to its many years of experience, HDI has comprehensive know-how in insuring against the operational risks of railway companies.

Claims management

Fast and uncomplicated claims settlement

HDI claims experts both in our branches and our headquarters have extensive experience in the settlement of claims of all sizes. Our dedicated claims professionals handle incoming claims competently and quickly, regardless of where in the world the claim arises.