Weather risk insurance - When business success depends on the weather

For companies in different industries, considerable operational risks go hand-in-hand with specific weather events. Two examples: frosty days can upset the plans of construction companies, because various activities cannot be completed on building sites. Or a mild winter can cause revenue losses for energy suppliers, who will sell less gas. The consequences of this are significant additional costs, through contractual penalties or continued wage payments being due, or negative effects due to downtimes. With ‘KLIMArisk, our weather risk insurance product, companies can reduce their earnings fluctuations and thereby improve the predictability of their income streams.

Scope of services at a glance

KLIMArisk – the weather risk insurance

‘KLIMArisk’ provides full or partial compensation of pecuniary damages resulting from the insured weather event. This is based on weather parameters, such as hours of sunshine, maximum or minimum temperatures, days of frost, snow levels, precipitation, wind speeds etc.

  • The policyholder determines the threshold value, the excess, the insured time period and the payout amount per day or hour in line with their risk situation.
  • The measurement results originate from independent weather stations of the German Weather Service (DWD) and serve as the sole proof of the cause of damage.
  • Claims are settled quickly and without complications, as soon as specifically defined threshold values are fallen below or exceeded. No separate proof of damage is required.


Access to needs-based industry solutions

HDI offers individual coverage solutions, which are tailored to the requirements of various industries and companies.

High degree of planning certainty in spite of weather risks

Companies avoid weather-related planning risks and increase their creditworthiness. At the same time, result fluctuations and insolvency risk are reduced.

Individual and flexible contract structuring

Where the threshold values of agreed weather parameters are exceeded or fallen below, HDI pays out the contractually fixed insured sum automatically.

Transparency through independent data measurement

Insurance cover is based on objective measurement values, which are determined by independent weather stations.

Risk Consulting

Reducing weather-related dependencies

We advise clients as part of our ‘KLIMArisk’ solution about options for improving their operational risk management. The prime objective is to limit operational weather risks in advance.