HDI’s industrial property insurance solutions cover losses arising from damage to business property as well as damage or loss caused by natural hazards or business interruption. For international companies this applies worldwide within the framework of our International Insurance Programmes. Thanks to its decentralised claims management system, HDI staff can be quickly on hand to ensure that the necessary decisions and actions are taken without delay. That helps to ensure that any consequential damage is limited to the extent possible – with the objective of safeguarding the client’s production capabilities and cash flow position. Access to HDI Risk Consulting’s risk engineers enables clients to sustainably reduce risks and minimise the risk of losses occurring.

Loss of Income/Natural Hazards

Business closures or production interruptions caused by fire or natural hazards can have serious consequences.



Full protection against damage caused by fire and explosions is not possible. Nevertheless actions can be taken to prevent risks of major damage and to business continuity.


Weather Risk/KLIMArisk

HDI has designed a “protective umbrella”, with which businesses and event organisers can safeguard themselves from the financial consequences of existing weather risks.