Our claims handling experience shows that even minor causes, such as a technical defect in a machine, can have major consequences. HDI Risk Consulting’s engineers offer Risk Consulting expertise, especially in relation to fire prevention and operational safety in the event of natural hazards, following the principle that ensuring safety takes precedence over transferring risk. Where damage does occur, HDI clients can rely on our professional claims management services.

Scope of services at a glance

Property insurance

Based on a business risk analysis, HDI provides insurance cover for property and business interruption risks. This insurance cover is based on consistent, transparent and comprehensible contract terms.

  • Agreed compensation for fire damage to buildings, production facilities, machinery and inventory.
  • Risk-adjusted configuration of insured amounts.
  • Advice on precautionary fire-prevention measures to reduce the risks of fire and explosion.
HDI Fire Insurance


Peace of mind right round the globe

Our global network enables us to provide global insurance cover through our international insurance programmes. Local policies can be issued in over 130 countries.

Always up to date

Our ‘Reporting International Programmes Web’ (IP-Web) provides time and location independent access to premiums and claims information. This data is updated regularly.

Globally uniform insurance cover

Local policies that insure against specific risks and the master policy to bring cover to a consistent level globally are packaged within international insurance programmes. This means that global insurance cover is provided by a coherent, self-contained product.

Permanently high cover capacities

HDI also has sufficient capacity to provide cover for exceptional risks. Companies can rely on the financial performance of HDI, as an industrial insurer, not least given its membership of the financially well-resourced Talanx Group.

Causes of fires on industrial premises

The distribution of the causes of fire has remained relatively stable over the course of the years

Compared to previous years, the causes of fires have remained very constant: the bulk of major fire damage is caused by a lack of in-company fire-prevention organisation, the failure of fire-prevention facilities and above all by faulty electrical installations.

Source: IFS Institut für Schadenverhütung und Schadenforschung der öffentlichen Versicherer e.V., 2018

Risk Consulting

Taking fire-prevention action in good time

Risk engineers at HDI Risk Consulting with expertise in a range of different specialisms provide support to companies on Risk Consulting issues. One focus is fire prevention, starting with the installation of a fire prevention systems through to the appointment of fire-prevention officers. Site inspections are conducted with the client and recommendations are made to improve operational risk management.

Claims management

Rapid, uncomplicated claims settlement

Claims caseworkers are based in local HDI offices. This ensures that the claims adjusters are quickly on site worldwide – irrespective of where the damage or loss has occurred. This enables all the necessary decisions to be taken quickly, damage limitation action to be taken and claims payments to be made promptly.

Experts’ tip

Checklists help with systematic fire prevention

Which fire-prevention measures will enable you to reduce proactively existing risks to your premises?