Increased occupational retirement and healthcare provision activity by companies can’t be solely attributed to legal obligations. Companies offering such benefits achieve greater employee loyalty by and are in a much better position to attract professionals and executives in a competitive recruitment market. These benefits go down well with staff. They provide employees with financial security in retirement and health insurance more cost-effectively than if they insured privately. Employees and companies have different retirement and healthcare provision requirements. HDI provides a wide range of options for both these areas – and focuses on professional advisers providing comprehensive support. This ensures that the right solution is applied to match daily work routines.

Business Trips Abroad

HDI offers two solutions with different priorities to companies that want to provide health insurance cover for their employees during trips abroad.


Company Retirement Pension

The company retirement pension (CRP) scheme is firmly anchored in the German economy. Employers and employees profit equally.


Group Accident Insurance

Employees can have an accident at any time in the workplace or on a business trip. HDI Group Accident insurance ensures employees have end-to-end accident insurance cover.