HDI Group Accident Insurance: global protection for employees

The physical impairments resulting from an accident are often substantial. For that reason alone the person affected needs to have sufficient financial security for such an eventuality. This is not possible if the person affected relies solely on employers’ liability insurance association benefits. Accident insurance funds initially pay a pension, if ability to work is reduced by at least 20 percent. The amount of the benefit is limited to a maximum of two-thirds of that person’s last annual income. HDI Group Accident Insurance enables employers to provide a sustainable financial safety net and at the same time facilitate successful curative treatment.

Scope of services at a glance

Group accident insurance

Companies can arrange insurance cover for three people or more. Flexibility in setting insurance sums and levels of benefits enables employers to gear accident insurance cover to different functions performed by the employees to be insured. Employees names do not have to be stated, meaning that new employees are immediately covered, without the requirement for notice.

  • Cover applies worldwide, around the clock and to every measurable degree of disability.
  • Cover includes permanent impairment of physical and/or mental faculties, dependent on the degree of disability determined by a doctor.
  • Dependants’ cover in the event of accident-related death as well as a lifelong accident pension starting from a degree of disability of 50%.
  • The scope of benefits includes a hospital daily allowance with improved convalescence allowance, a daily allowance that is also provided even if the impairment in the ability to work is only temporary, a temporary allowance as well as further cost absorption, for example for cosmetic surgery or rescue by emergency medical services.

Where the insured person needs to be treated for injuries resulting from an accident that occurs during a business trip abroad, an experienced (casualty) surgeon is at their disposal to provide advice. If a longer inpatient stay is required, a medically experienced member of staff is appointed to manage optimum provision of post-operative care. Furthermore the injured person can rely on travel assistance if they need to be transferred elsewhere, for example returning to Germany or admission to a rehab clinic.

In partnership with a rehab service provider HDI enables the injured person to be looked after by a rehab advisor. If necessary, transfer to a specialist or rehab clinic is arranged in consultation with the relevant consultants. HDI absorbs the costs of curative treatments, up to 30,000 Euros for inpatients and up to 5,000 Euros for outpatients. Measures to ensure early reintegration into employment – ensuring mobility and conversion work or resources to adapt the workplace – are also subsidised. Senior employees are offered a personal disability manager as part of this employment reintegration management system.

The injured person is personally looked after from the day their accident is reported. Clinics and therapists are chosen in partnership with selected, quality-audited incident managers and rehab specialists. Options available extend way beyond budget-driven curative treatment procedures. Ambulance service and air emergency costs, as well as those for optimum hospital and outpatient treatment are taken care of by HDI up to a maximum of 100,000 Euros. The objective is to enhance the key member of staff’s health and ability to work and reintegrate them as quickly as possible back into the company’s operational processes. Reintegration of these key people is vital to companies, not just on cost grounds.

Cover is provided for the three most frequent critical illnesses – cancer, heart attacks and strokes – as well as for kidney failure following an EHEC infection and HIV infection following a blood transfusion. A lump sum is paid out in the event of a claim – irrespective of whether a permanent disability results.

This combined solution incorporates six insurance-cover components and is valid worldwide. It is designed for employees, who spend up to six months abroad on business. Accident and foreign health insurance cover health risks, whilst liability, legal costs and luggage insurance covers the business traveller’s private risks. Particular highlights include provision of a daily allowance, vaccination advice and preventive healthcare. Professional management and reimbursement of repatriation costs are guaranteed.

Group accident insurance benefits are determined by set limb rates based on fixed degrees of disability relating to the loss of or permanent impairment to the function of limbs or sensory organs. Adding set brain capacity rates doubles the benefits payable in the event of mental-faculty impairment as the first degree of disability. This helps the policyholder to plug any insurance-cover gaps, since limb rates were previously only up-valued for limbs and sensory organs, whilst mental-faculty impairment insurance cover was not adequate to do justice to such an important bodily function. Concussion is therefore comprehensively covered. The high level of benefits based on conventional limb rates remains unaffected.


Insuring against health risks worldwide

Companies are able to insure their employees against health risks worldwide. If required insurance cover can be integrated into an international insurance programme.

Global network of specialists

As a long-standing group accident specialist, HDI is able to access a global network of local medical experts, doctors and specialists.

Low administrative inputs

Administrative inputs for policyholders are kept to a minimum, as neither medical examinations nor complex notification procedures are required.

Added value for employees

Companies make a contribution to employee welfare that goes beyond their statutory duty of care and provide an important benefit to their employees in times of increasing skills shortages.

Experts’ tip

Focus on rapid reintegration

We provide innovative benefits and focus on reintegrating affected persons back into employment as quickly as possible. Insured persons can obtain immediate help via an emergency app.

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