Business trips abroad: healthcare cover for employees

In Germany companies have a statutory duty of care towards their employees as per Social Insurance Code No. 5 (Section 17, Paragraph 1). They must reimburse any curative treatment costs incurred if employees receive medical treatment whilst on business abroad. These can include, for example, costs of medical examinations, drugs/medication and repatriation. The statutory health insurance funds usually do not reimburse these disbursements. HDI Foreign Trip Insurance and TriB as part of HDI Group Accident Insurance enable companies to meet their obligations and insure against the costs risk. Other benefit features help are valued by employees , important for employers in an increasingly competitive professional labour market.

Scope of services at a glance

HDI Foreign Trip Insurance and TriB/Group Accident Insurance

As part of a master agreement employees can be insured against a range of different health risks without the need for medical examinations and complicated notification procedures. Insurance cover includes the absorption of medical treatment and travel assistance costs. Different priorities can be set as required:

Unlike standard travel/health insurance policies, this product features a modular insurance cover solution with substantial benefits even in the event of the invalidity or death of the insured person. The highlight of this product: maximum amounts can be covered up until retirement age without the need for medical examination. At the same time both employee and employer benefit from optimum cover, if medical treatment costs are incurred during business trips. Inclusive travel assistance benefits provide the employee with practical help in emergencies. To complete the spec of this product, temporary invalidity benefits can also covered if needed.

The Travel Insurance module as a supplement to HDI Group Accident Insurance provides optional access to the following benefits: accident insurance, health insurance, luggage insurance, liability insurance, legal costs insurance and travel assistance benefits. In the event of an accident, benefits include a hospital daily allowance with improved convalescence allowance, a daily allowance that is also provided even if the impairment in the ability to work is only temporary, a temporary allowance as well as further cost absorption, for example for cosmetic surgery and rescue by the emergency services. Country-specific risks are also covered. These include vaccination consultations, preventive healthcare as well as political and economic risks.

TriB – the business travel insurance solution

This multiline insurance cover consists of very different ranges of benefits:

  • Accident insurance*
  • Health insurance*
  • Travel assistance benefits*
  • Luggage insurance***
  • Liability insurance***
  • Legal costs insurance**

Travel Insurance for Business (TriB) from HDI GLOBAL SE enables companies to meet their statutory obligations and provide their employees on business trips with optimum support in the event of accidents or illness – worldwide from a single source.

*Obligatory basic module
**Only for employees employed and normally resident in Germany
***Optional modules


Healthcare provision solutions with a range of benefits

Employers can comprehensively insure against the health risks faced by their employees on business trips abroad and focus on different benefit priorities.

Flexible configuration options

The modular nature of these healthcare provision solutions enables insurance cover to be flexible and tailored.

High-quality care in the event of a claim

In the event of a claim, insured persons have global access to high-quality medical treatment, care and advice.

Scoring points with professionals and executives

Companies meeting their duties of care to employees can compete to attract and retain high performing professionals and executives.