Caregivers have a responsible and demanding job. However professional they are, neither human nor technical error can ever be completely ruled out. This often leads to third parties making compensation claims against the operators of care facilities as a result of damage to property, persons and assets. The I.Compact Policy for nursing homes and outpatient care services offers wide-ranging insurance cover here, including the insurance of property and loss of business interruption and other convincing benefits.


Services at a glance

This all-round cover offers three central service modules: liability, property and loss of business interruption. Liability cover offers operators insurance against risk situations, such as first aid services, ambulance transport and other transport services for seniors and people with disabilities. It also covers the ownership, maintenance and operation of medical equipment in addition to theft and loss of property belonging to persons being cared for.

Insurance cover also applies in the following situations, even when…

  • registered caregivers administer medically prescribed syringes, injections and medication, insert cannulas and perform acupuncture,
  • The persons being cared for are incorrectly advised or medication is mixed up during administration,
  • Care aids such as nursing beds, commodes and patient lifts are hired or home emergency call systems and other services such as accompanying patients to physicians, household assistance, meals on wheels and nocturnal supervisions are made available.

Property and loss of business interruption contains:

  • Insurance against damage to buildings, operational facilities and supplies.
  • Absorption of the costs incurred after an insured event to guarantee the continuation of business operations.


The insurance cover can also be expanded to include electronics and legal expenses insurance. Coverage of evacuation costs and cover in the event of loss of medical and treatment items can also be agreed.



All-round cover of specific care risks

Needs-based insurance in one contract


Customised design thanks to selectable modules

Determine your insurance areas in accordance with operational requirements


Transparent and comprehensible insurance cover

Clear product structure and simplified wording


Innovative industry solution creates added value

The special insurance concept has unique selling points


Expert´s Tip:

Cover contingency risks

A claim event such as a fire outbreak can never be excluded entirely. With this all-risk cover, care facilities can insure damage to buildings, operational facilities and supplies as well as the costs required to continue operations. This creates more security and freedom in everyday nursing care.

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