Fleet, machines, buildings and operational facilities, goods and supplies are essential elements of the tangible assets of agricultural machine dealers and workshops. With the AGRAR-CONCEPT-SpecialPolicy, companies receive comprehensive, tailored insurance – from the insurance of vehicle and liability risks, electronic damage in the office and workshop to fire and naturally caused risks. All-round protection provided by this multi-risk policy gives customers a multitude of benefits.


Services at a glance

The AGRAR-CONCEPT-SpecialPolicy guarantees insurance against operational risks of agricultural machine dealers and workshops. This includes third-party motor liability, vehicle and passenger accident insurance for owners and employees, all-risk cover for machines, property insurance for buildings, factory equipment, goods and supplies and business and environmental liability insurance.

Further service elements are:

  • Vehicle contents insurance for tools
  • Additional liability insurance for agricultural machine dealers and workshops
  • Electronics insurance for office and workshop electronics and photovoltaic systems
  • Hook load insurance for the recovery and towing of customer vehicles
  • Company legal expenses insurance
  • Private liability insurance for owners and chief executives


Further benefits are:

  • Thanks to the pooling of services in the multi-risk policy, customers only have to fill in one notification sheet a year.
  • A choice of excess options are available for a needs-based design.
  • Additional cover extensions are available for insuring individual requirements.


All-round cover in one contract

Insure specific operational risks comprehensively and transparently


Actively restrict risks of theft

Security-related measures for damage prevention


Less time and effort with the multi-risk policy

Concentration of services reduces administration efforts to a minimum


Adaptation of insurance cover according to needs

Individual access to excesses and cover extensions


Risk Consulting

Analysis and minimisation of risks

For the most part, agricultural equipment dealers are aware of the risks of burglary and theft. But what would be the consequences of, for example, an outbreak of fire, ground contamination or the flooding of the entire business premises after persistent rain? The risk engineers at HDI Risk Consulting will support companies in damage prevention and in setting up a risk management team at an early stage.

The experts at HDI Risk Consulting will analyse the business together with the customer. Existing situations of danger and operational risks are identified and assessed. On this basis, the risk engineers will then develop suitable measures for minimising risks and support the company in implementing these measures on location. The company will be supported in all security-related questions in order to increase risk transparency.

Claims Management

Short decision paths, active damage limitation

In the event of a claim, customers have access to professional claims management. The claims processors are located at eleven locations throughout Germany and are supported by the claims experts at HDI headquarters. Decisions are taken quickly so that damage limitation measures can be implemented promptly and compensation payments can be made available.

Expert´s Tip:

Actively prevent machine theft

The theft of tractors and agricultural machines has consequences for the affected dealers that go beyond mere financial ramifications. At the Agricultural Engineering Company Congress (Landtechnische Unternehmertage, LTU) in Würzburg, HDI experts reported on current claims, effective security measures and the right insurance cover for agricultural equipment dealers. The specialist magazine Agrartechnik ("Agricultural Engineering") has an in-depth report on the LTU.