Malfunctions or system failures in IT processes can entail substantial losses for the companies affected and potentially even threaten their existence. This could occur, for example, if a technical fault caused by a software update results in business interruption. The management of the company affected could then attempt to hold the IT service provider liable for the losses or damage incurred. Claims for compensation worth millions are not uncommon. As part of its IT Line solution HDI provides special IT liability cover that enables companies to insure against financial loss as well as personal injury and property damage.

Scope of services at a glance

IT Line

HDI IT Line provides insurance cover for a wide range of different damage or loss scenarios. Financial losses can be caused, for example, by corrupted data, production failures or a virus attack on a client’s IT systems due to software roll-out. However personal injury and property damage can also result from IT malfunctions.

  • First-party and infidelity losses are included, through an integrated extension of cover.
  • Liability claims attributable to lost output, business interruption or lost profits are also covered.
  • Corruption or deletion of data, as well as other financial losses, are also insured.

IT liability insurance for software and IT service providers that also require extended product liability cover. This solution covers statutory liability claims by third parties due to personal injury, property damage and financial loss.

IT liability insurance for purely IT-related financial losses.

This IT liability insurance solution provides insurance cover for software producers and IT service providers working primarily in commercial, administrative or non-technical areas. A single insured sum provides risk-appropriate insurance cover for personal injury, property damage and financial losses.

Benefits of CLIC.IT include:

  • Clear and consistent wording without references to General Liability Insurance Terms & Conditions.
  • Comprehensive insurance cover that includes not just public and financial loss liability insurance but also environmental and, if requested, personal liability risks.


Specific liability cover for the IT industry

Needs-based liability cover for IT service providers and software producers.

Prompt claims management

Professional claims handling and rapid assistance in the event of a claim.

Experts’ tip

Safety net against claims for compensation

Claims for compensation can cause you to incur millions in costs if you are held liable for damage or losses resulting from, for example, providing a software update or IT maintenance service. To insure yourself and your company against such risks, why not talk to our experts.