Risks are diverse. Two practical examples: a company suffers financial losses because the general manager neglected to obtain legal advice for a complex contract. Or: an accounting employee transfers money to his own account over a period of many years, causing considerable financial losses to the company. Decision-makers and companies can insure against these and many other professional risks easily and comprehensively with this multi-line product. This insurance cover is valid worldwide to the extent permitted by law. International activities also increase the risk exposure.

Services at a glance

Financial Lines Compact contains the following five elements within one contract and one cover:

Compensation claims on account of financial losses are covered that are made by one’s own company or third parties, such as business partners, competitors or state authorities against company leaders. This insurance covers examining the liability question and rejecting unjustified compensation claims or settling justified ones.

Claims for damages and compensation are covered for (alleged) discrimination, in particular in terms of age, sex, ethnic background, disability or sexual identity. In addition to examining the liability question, the insurance also covers rejecting unjustified compensation claims or settling justified ones.

Legal costs for all employees are covered, starting with the initiation of the investigation proceedings and continuing throughout the entire judicial process, and also including for instance, fees for defence lawyers and expert witnesses. Expenses for a company's statement and costs for interpreters and translators are also covered.

There is cover for financial losses due to unlawful acts committed by employees or any other responsible persons within the company. These are deeds perpetrated deliberately; in particular fraud, computer fraud, theft, embezzlement and breach of trust. Financial losses on the part of the company caused by illegal intrusions into the electronic data processing system carried out by third parties are also covered to the extent that said third parties have become obtained wealth with the assets of the policyholder and/or the co-insured company by doing so.

Providing professional advice from established crisis consultants for different crisis scenarios: 1. In an economically / financially strained situations. 2. In the event of media publications in the course of an actual or alleged claim which is covered by Financial Lines Compact and which results in considerable damage to the reputation of the policyholder.


Five product elements in one contract

Comprehensive all-round protection for insuring manager risks.


More security even in financially difficult phases

Access to professional crisis consultants in the event of financial and reputational crises.


High transparency thanks to clear contract design

Clear product structure ensures easy understanding.

Efficient application procedure and easy handling

Efficient processing operations, even at the risk identification stage.


Expert´s tip:

Take cyber risks into account

The danger of cyber attacks is ever-present and high. Managers and companies who trust in the comprehensive insurance cover provided by Financial Lines Compact will, therefore, find the ideal complement for insuring their operational risks with HDI Cyber Insurance.You can find further information on our cyber insurances here.